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This document will explain how to debug CodeLite on Linux using CodeLite itself. I assume here that you are familiar with CodeLite and already cloned CodeLite sources from GitHub


  • First, load CodeLite workspace file LiteEditor.workspace and set the following:
    • Active project is CodeLiteIDE
    • Set the workspace configuration to CMake_Debug
  • Open the project settings and navigate to the Custom Build page
  • Edit the cmake target by double clicking it (or click on the Edit button)
  • Replace -DPREFIX=/home/eran/root to a location that suits you, e.g. -DPREFIX=/home/YOU/root (ofc, replace YOU with your real user name)
  • Select the General page and set the Executable to Run/Debug to the CodeLite binary location, in our example its: /home/YOU/root/bin/codelite
  • Click OK and close the project settings dialog
  • Run cmake from the build drop down menu:
  • Build the project by clicking F7 or by clicking on the build button
  • When the build is done, run the install target, this will install CodeLite under /home/YOU/root/bin
  • You can now start debugging CodeLite by hitting F5 or from the menu: Debugger->Start/Continue Debugger
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Page last modified on March 29, 2016, at 05:56 PM