Building OpenSSL

Assuming that you have extracted your OpenSSL sources into C:\src\openssl-1.0.2k,
Open an MSYS terminal and type:

cd /c/src/openssl-1.0.2k
perl Configure mingw64 no-shared no-asm --prefix=/c/OpenSSL
mingw32-make -j8 depend
mingw32-make -j8
make install

Some notes:

  • In some places I have used mingw32-make while in the install stage, I have used make - its not a typo!
  • --prefix=/c/OpenSSL means that your OpenSSL will be installed under C:\OpenSSL, you can use other directory ofc
  • The above code snippet builds for 64 bit, to build for 32 bit, use this line: perl Configure mingw no-shared no-asm --prefix=/c/OpenSSL
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Page last modified on February 16, 2017, at 03:56 PM