The 'Display Variable' Dialog

The 'Display Variable' dialog is a cross between a dialog and a tooltip. It is used in two situations:

As a debugger tooltip

A 'Display Variable' dialog showing the value of an int

When the debugger has paused at a breakpoint, hovering over a variable will display its value in the Ascii Viewer. In addition, holding down the CTRL while hovering over a variable, a 'Display Variable' dialog also appear near the cursor, displaying the contents of the variable.

A 'Display Variable dialog' showing a vector

For a complex variable like a vector, only the root of the tree is initially shown. However you can expand the tree as far as you wish. The dialog is resizeable (and its size is persistent).

A 'Display Variable' dialog showing a wxString

To dismiss the dialog, either click outside it or press ESC.

In the Debugger Pane

In the Locals and the Watches tabs of the DebuggerPane, activating an item will open a Display Variable dialog containing the item. This will behave in the same way as the debugger tooltip discussed above.

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Page last modified on August 31, 2012, at 08:29 PM