The Quick Watch Dialog

Attach:quickwatch1.png Δ | The Quick Watch dialog, displaying the contents of an int

When the debugger is running, one of the items in the editor's contextmenu is 'Quick Watch'. Selecting this displays in a dialog the currently selected item (or if there's no selection, it uses the word under the cursor).
It's possible then to edit the item e.g. when displaying an int array foo, you could change the item displayed to 'foo[0]' to display that item, then 'foo[1]'.

Attach:quickwatch2.png Δ | The Quick Watch dialog, failing to displaying useful information about a vector's contents

For more complex items, the internal structure can be seen. However, this is of limited usefulness as gdb often cannot provide this in an understandable format. For this reason, and because of their greater convenience, it's now easier to use the Ascii Viewer or the Watches tab.

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