This page summarizes the main changes since the last CodeLite major release v12.0.0


You can obtain the latest weekly build for various platforms from our download page


  • Make alphabetical sorting of the Notebook tabs' dropdown menu optional from settings->preferences->windows & tabs
  • Remove the Trace output tab. Instead of the Trace tab, all the log messages are now redirected to CodeLite log file ~/.codelite/codelite.log
  • Spell checker plugin "Continuous" mode is now persistent between runs
  • Make Ctrl-C over an empty line copying the entire line optional
  • spellcheck: a bit more false positive reduction in continuous mode
  • Navigation bar: allow the user to place it below or above the editor control
  • (feature request) Show number of chars and/or bytes in text selection in the footer
  • (feature request) Add possibility for renaming folders
  • lldb: added run-to-caret and jump-to-caret.
  • lldb: added option to dislay thread name to threads pane
  • lldb: added add watch context menu in editor and remove watch context menu in locals view
  • lldb: expanded locals recursively and don't re-expand previously collapsed items
  • lldb: added a thread context menu with suspend/resume.
  • Make the Ctrl-TAB and Ctrl-Shift-TAB configurable
  • Feature Request: move editor tab left/right functionality


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Page last modified on April 25, 2018, at 04:05 PM