This page only contains the main changes, there are other fixes that simply are not worth mentioning here


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Bugs fixed


PHP plugin

  • PHP: show code completion after the silent operator ('@')
  • PHP: support code completion type hinting for foreach statements in the following manners:
Use case #1:

 /** @var \PDO $v $/
 foreach($arr as $v) {
    $v-> // Handle $v as PDO

Use case #2:

 /** @var \PDO $v $/
 foreach($arr as $key => $v) {
    $v-> // Handle $v as PDO
  • PHP: Improved the parser to support function aliasing via the use operator (see attached screenshots)

Node.js / WebTools

  • NodeJS: New workspace dialog extended to allow creating workspace from an existing source files
  • NodeJS: debugger: better display Array items in the tooltip and variables inspector
  • NodeJS / Java Script: added support for Find Definition (can be executed by either using Alt+G or right click in the editor)
  • NodeJS: Find In Files various search options (entire workspace, active project etc) are now working with the NodeJS workspace
  • Implemented CSS code completion


  • Find In Files: support for | operator. When enabled, CodeLite will treat all words after the pipe as an additional filter that should be applied to the match results. You can apply as many filters as you want. The below screenshot should produce the same output as the following grep command find . -name "*.cpp" |xargs grep RefactoringStorage|grep class
  • You can now hide/show tabs from the Workspace view without disabling the specific plugin

Word Completion plugin

  • Word Completion: in addition to the words parsed from the open editors, use the current editor's language keyword


  • wxCrafter: don't call CenterOnParent for top level windows that have no parent, instead call CenterOnScreen
  • wxCrafter: add support for style wxDIRP_SMALL for wxDirPickerCtrl
  • wxCrafter: add support for style wxFP_SMALL for wxFilePickerCtrl


  • Subversion: added context menu for files in the Explorer and PHP views



  • SFTP: added new option to the context menu: Open with default application
  • SFTP: added new option to the context menu: Download and open containing folder
  • SFTP: New: added the ability to Drag and Drop files from the local machine onto the SFTP tree view


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