Main Changes Since Release 2.0

  • Linux: when clicking "Save All" or starting a build, do not jump to wxCrafter tab
  • Fixed: Editing a custom control caused crash
  • Provide an easy way to search for files
  • The generated code for a top level Window (wxDialog, wxFrame etc) will also set its name using SetName to match the class name
  • wxSizer's SetMinSize support
  • Fixed: call CenterOnParent instead of CenterOnScreen (the former works better when using dual displays)
  • New: added support for wxSimpleHtmlListBox
  • Added support for wxPersistenceManager. This means that any top level window and any wxBookCtrlBase controls, now remember their size, position, selection, iconized and maximized state
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Page last modified on April 16, 2015, at 08:13 AM