Tab Groups

Your 'HelloWorld' program has become so successful that you've expanded it to take in the whole solar system, with a different section for each planet. Congratulations!

However success brings its problems, and one of these is a workspace containing lots of files: far too many to have each open in a tab at the same time. CodeLite helps here by reloading the last-used tabs when it restarts, but it would be nice to have more: a group of Mars-related tabs, another for Venus...; and be able easily to switch between them.

Well you can. Open all of the tabs you wish to save, and click File > Save tabs as group.

In the dialog, unselect any that you don't want to store, and choose a name and path. That cluster of tabs will be available for reloading in the future, using File > Load a group of tabs.

Choose a group, or browse for others, and decide whether the tabs should replace any current ones or merge with them (not advisable in the case of Mars and Venus).

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Page last modified on August 31, 2012, at 08:32 PM