One of the benefits when using CodeLite is the ability to use it with any custom code base which uses any build system (CMake, QMake etc)
In this short tutorial, I will cover how to quickly start working with CodeLite and CMake repository

Creating the workspace and setting the project

  • Create an empty workspace and place it in the same folder as your sources
  • Once the workspace is set up, we create Custom Makefile project and we import all the sources, see the screenshots below:
  • Place the project the top level folder of your source tree (i.e. in the same location as your workspace)
  • Select the toolchain to use with your project. Although the build process is managed by CMake, selecting the proper toolchain is important because it also affects the parsing of the build output (i.e. CodeLite will be able to highlight errors in red and make them clickable, same goes for warnings)
  • Next, import all your sources to project (CodeLite will preserve the directory structure of the file system). This is done by right clicking on the project and selecting Import files from directory. In the dialog that pops up, check all folders that you want to import and set the file masking properly. By default CodeLite will import all files of type *.cpp;*.cc;*.cxx;*.h;*.hpp;*.c;*.c++;*.tcc;*.hxx;*.h++
  • Once all your sources are imported, you can edit the project settings to add some custom targets etc. See the following screenshot:
  • Building the project is done normally, by hitting F7
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