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What's new (June 10, 2008)

- 'Add function implementation' now properly respects const functions
- The installer now places 'Open With CodeLite' to windows shell menu
- Fixed: Highlighting caret line, will now display properly
- CC now properly recognizes dboule qualified variables (long long, unsigned int, signed int.. etc.)
- 'Implement All Un-Implemented Functions' now works more accuraetly.
- 'Add Function Implementation' for virtual destructors now works properly
- encoding are now saved properly
- added new option: Retag file (useful incase the file was modified outside of the editor)
- added new status message that indicated that file has been re-tagged
- added 'Select All' to c++ context menu
- retag file will alert when attempting to retag an unsaved file
- tags settings dialog: renamed the 'Close' button 'Cancel'
- Fixed: when allocating classes, CodeCompletion will now properly display tooltips for c-tors (e.g. Class *a = new Class( <-- tooltip will now properly be displayed
- Fixed: setting EOL are now properly affects the editor
- Fixed: CodeFormatter plugin will now append the current EOL at the end of the formatted buffer, according to the settings of the current editor
- Fixed Bug# [1978094] AStyle not putting correct line endings
- Fixed bug# [1978096] - 'Search Up' not working in 'Find', 'Find' dialog failed to match items backward when 'whole word only' is checked
- text indicators are cleared automatically once the text is unselected
- FR# [1953484] - ability to launch default applications for files in the exploere view
- When selecting a function from the completion list, CodeLIte will automatically add '()' after the function. the caret will be placed in the middle of it and the function tip function will be auto triggered
- added completion box for C++ key words - this completion will popup automatically after user typed 3 chars. this functinality can turned on/off from 'Settings -> Tags Options... -> Basics' by checking/unchecking the 'display completion box for language keywords'
- changed debugger code to bind during runtime the function DebugBreakProcess this to allow the debugger to be loaded under Windows ver < XP (i.e. Win 2000)
- Language keyword completion box will not be triiggred whithin comment/string
- minor fixes to CC box behavior
- added new 'single instance' option for CodeLite, enabled by default
- more fixes applied to CC box for more intuitive usage
- code lite now passes the document to be opened to the running CL instance
- applied patch for multibyte search and replace (by Jacek Kucharski)
- FR#[ 1969593 ] F3 should search the selected text
- commented code that break the DLL loading on Windows 2000
- applied patch for multi byte search / replace by Jacek Kucharski
- modified debugger so on all platforms, CodeLite will use the break command rather than the -break-insert command
- Implemented auto-hide feature for the build output pane
- New: FR#[1767679] - the ability to rename file (will also retag it, update outline view and force s a regenration of the makefiles), also incase the project is under SVN the file will be added to SVN (configurable))
- performance tuning for the unerlying SQLite database
- changed the colour of the functions' icon from orange to light blue
- Replaced the default 'About Dialog' with new one
- Fixed bug in SVN which may cause a 'seperator' in the project context menu to appear more than once
- odeLite does not allow the "extern" keyword to be ignored in tags settings
- Implemeted FR# [1969600] New version notification on startup
- Separated the project type (exe, dll or lib) from the project settings, so now same project can produce different types (i.e. same project can produce exe, dll AND lib)
- Selecting an item using the mouse (i.e. double clicking on it), will now dismisses the outline dialog as it should (this behavior is consistent with the keyboard selection one)
- updated default compiler regex patterns
- Fixed window positioning on Mac OSX

What's new (May 27, 2008)

CodeLite v1.0RC01 is now available for download, main changes from last uploaded revision (1457):

fixed script, added the 'rename symbol' option to the accelerator table
- Fixed: [#1963469 ] Add Tab width option
- Removed obsolete option from Editor's options (set caret colour) which is now part of the lexers
- set the default font to empty - so the system will choose the best for it
- fixed to copy correct files
- On Mac exit is forced at the main frame destruction. this is a temporary solution until a proper fix is applied
- fixed on Mac 'resolve ambiguity' dialog will now properly display the list items
- updated to include the wx library as part of the bundle
- Implemented FR# [ 1965668 ] Add a new environment variable to the CodeLite.exe path $(CodeLiteApp)
- Fixed: Find implementation / declaration will now give priority to scoped tags over global tags
- Replaced wxScintilla CC box with custom implementation. this solves the following bugs:

 - case sensitive matches are now displayed properly
 - when hitting Ctrl-Z/Y/C etc, the CC will disappear
 - CodeCompletion box and function tip window can now co-exist
 - CodeCompletion box now uses case sensitive match search first, if it fails, it will try again with non-case sensitive match
 - when single choice exist, it will be inserted automatically to the control and CL will fix any case sensitive typos

- Fixed bug# 1967745 Find in Files doesnt work if special characters are included
- find/replace was re-writtern from scratch and now works much better (better regex support) the modified code does not apply to Find In Files, only for single file search/replace
- New: CodeLite now allows search and replace with selected text (Find/Replace dialogs were modified accordingly)
- New: Bookmark All -> will now also highlight the word with alpha rectangle at the back of it
- New: Find / Replace dialogs, now have button to 'Clear all bookmarks'
- When selecting: Bookmark All in 'Find/Replace' dialog, old bookmarks are now removed automatically
- On Linux, the alpha rectangle is drawn as transparent rectangle with only border
- applied fix which should fix random crashes that occurs on file save
- further thread safety issues
- centered the following dialogs: quick outline, open resource, open type and find/replace
- New: Highlight Word feature: when enabled (blue marker icon in the toolbar) and the caret is placed on a word, its background will be coloured. The colour is configurable via the 'Settings -> Editor -> Bookmarks'
- Fixed: a fix that apply for wxMac, caused the CC box not response to up/down arrows, this is fixed now
- Highlight word policy changed, it is now highlighted when user selects text either by Ctrl+Left Click OR by double cliking a word
- Find / Replace will set the caret to statring origin incase the search/replace failed to find any matches
- Find/Replace: A message box will appear incase no matches were found
- moved the 'highlight word' functionality to secondary thread for better user experience
- New: Copyright plugin: a small plugin that allows one to easily add copyright notice into the entire workspace/project or a single file
- removed backtick from codelite_prefix.h file
- Applied pacth for [FR 1964181] Ability to change source file encoding - Jacek Kucharski
- cenered dialogs on Mac: The following dialogs were centered on Mac:

  Tags Options, env variables, debugger settings, editor's settings, project settings, svn commit dialog and svn options dialog

- moved the navigation bar to be embedded inside the main editing area instead of being a toolbar, this to resolve an issue that toolbars does not appear in toolbar under wxMac.
- refactored the 'replace in files' - > should be *much* faster now by factor ~20
- on dark theme, the word highlight indicators uses an empty rectangle rather than opaque one - this makes the selection much more effective
- default word highlight color is set to light blue
- 'Add function implementation' now properly respects const functions

What's new (May 18, 2008)

The package for Mac OS (at the sourceforge download page) should work fine now.

What's new (May 13, 2008)

CodeLite revision 1528 is now available for download, main changes from last uploaded revision (1457):

  • Added 'Edit' butto to environment variables dialog
  • 'Environment Variable' now sets the focus to the first item in the list control
  • Fixed feature request [1953493] fold margin background colour
  • Fixed feature request [1953493] fold line number background colour
  • Fixed feature request [1953487 ] Ability to set the text selection background & foreground
  • CodeLite will now create a private copy for the lexers once modified. This will prevent overriding them when updgrading CodelLite
  • added Theme management to CodeLite, CodeLite now comes with 2 themes: DrakTheme & Default. Note that the themes applies only for the editor and *not* for other panes/toolbars
  • fixed crash when the selected theme is no longer exist
  • updated CopySettings function to match the new themes
  • Moved the caret colour to be part of the syntax highlight
  • experimental commit to enable drag/drop of text inside the editor
  • Finished all the BlackTheme.
  • Updated the default xml and html lexers with more detail.
  • Removed duplicate line from the update.bat.
  • Small change to make the open string consistent through out theme.
  • fixed CopyDir function
  • CodeLite will now prompt the user before any attempt to adjust the number of concurrent builders on startup (annoying dialog with 'Dont ask me again' check box)
  • Fixed: CodeLite will no longer crash when performing actions from the start page
  • modified the directory structure of the the templates/ directory
  • CodeLite project template system now allows to save the project source files as well. This allows users to create more helpful templates which includes some sample code
  • 'executable' project was modified to include the hello world code
  • find results tab (tabs 1-5) will no longer allow dnd
  • Fixed: [ 1930651 ] Move implementation to .. now works properly for ctors/dtors
  • added new option to the 'new project' dialog to allow creating the project under separate directory with the project name
  • Creating new workspace, will now suggest to create the workspace under a separate directory
  • Fixed: bug # 1958108 * Better window placement on startup
  • added new API for plugins: GetEnv() this allows the plugins to gain access to the environment manager
  • added windows crash handler as described here:
  • installer updated to include the required dll (EXCHNDL.DLL)
  • fixed build issue on Linux
  • Removed the ../trunk from all the paths in the project file.
  • fixed bug in debugger where on certain cases it failed to open the file in the editor (double slashses)
  • added log messages incase CL fails to open file
  • added new JobQueue system that allows CL to place jobs to be processed by workrer thread
  • added new API to IManager to expose the new JobQueue to plugins
  • fixed minor bug in CC parser (tempalte declaration which one of its parameters was a pointer to tempalte as well)
  • added new dialog for the 'Rename Symbol' functionality
  • added 'cancel' option to the rename symbol dialogs
  • made the 'rename symbol' tab resizable
  • added cancel button to 'retag' dialog, however cacnelling during parsing will cause truncated tags database (which will disable CC completly)
  • CodeLite now has 'Rename Symbol' functionlity which allows users to rename functions/members/classes (and all their occurances) in an easy and accurate
  • added test to make sure that refactoring wont start when there are un-saved files in Codelite
  • fixed: When creating new class using the wizard and selecting 'implement function' * functions with default values will no longer will appear in implementation
  • fixed script, added the 'rename symbol' option to the accelerator table

What's new (April 29, 2008)

CodeLite revision 1457 is now available for download, main changes from last uploaded revision (1345):

  • added new 'configuration manager' button which is located next to the build configuration
  • Fixed bug when workspace contains more than one file with a given name (regardless of the path) and an error occurs in one of these files, hitting F4 or clicking on the line opened all of the files in the editor
  • removed wxFNB from CL and replaced it with new Notebook
  • fixed configure release missing options
  • Fixed: clean command did not applied environment variables before executing commands, thus it might failed incases where build tools were not in path nor specified in teh build system like $(MINGW)/make
  • added new 'C++ comments' settings in the editor' settings dialog, this allows user to customized their doxygen comments generation, as well as the behavior of the editor when hitting <ENTER> inside comment section
  • visible tab is now fully shown (if there is enough screen space)
  • File macros are now expanded even if no project name is specified ($(CurrentFileName), etc.)
  • removed the icon from the welcome page
  • moved the 'configuration' label to be on top of the combo box
  • the 'line to add' in the 'add include file' dialog will gain the focus on dialog startup
  • fixed configure bugs on 64bit system
  • added option to comment multiple line using the C++ comment style (select multiple lines and select from the editor's context menu 'Comment Line'
  • changed default colours for the welcome page to fit the system colours
  • Add include files will now use #include file when the file is from whithin the workspace, and #include <file> when it is external file (e.g. stdio.h)
  • added support for global include / global lib path at the compiler level. These paths can use any environment variable defined in the workspace. the path will be prepended before the project paths
  • modified calls in Gizmos plugin from TagsManagerST::Get() to m_mgr->GetTagsManager()
  • added description field to projects' XML
  • replaced the 'save project as tempalte' dialog with new dialog that allows to set a description as well
  • Fixed bug# [1943641] switching tabs in the debugger view
  • modified the layout of the compiler page
  • when selecting project type in the 'new project' dialog, a short description is now displayed
  • fixed bug in directory collecting when using the external database wizard
  • added file masking filter to the external tags database wizard
  • Added new option in the 'Create Tags DB wizard': Parse file without extensions
  • Improved CC: When using the '::' scope operator CodeLite will present all members/functions and subytypes of given scope, however, when using the '->' or '.' operator, it will offer only members/functions/prototypes
  • completed the 'configure accelerators' functionlity for CodeLite, user can now define the accelerators keys for the any of the actions specified in the accelerators.conf
  • by setting accelerators keys for the menu entries, the bug where menu items stats on GTK were not handled properly is also fixed
  • changed the new accelerator mapping to use XRCID where possible instead of using the ID since there can be differences between OSs
  • update windows installer to include default accel mapping file
  • removed hard coded accelerator keys from the toolbars' tooltip buttons (due to the recent changes in the dynmic accelerator bindings)
  • codelite will no longer copy plugins/debuggers to the local settings directory ~/.codelite, but rather will load them directly from the installation directory
  • fixed issues related to menu accelerators
  • variable parser now also marks if a variable is const
  • added new API to TagsManager::NormalizeFunctionSig() this function removes any default value & variable names from function signature
  • Added 'Implement all Un-implemented Functions...'
  • Fixed: 'Add function implentation' will no longer set default values in function signature
  • Fixed: CC now works properly when invoked near to '<' character. The following code used to fail:

for(size_t i=0; i<std_list. <<---- CC failed here, unless a 'space' character was placed between the '<' and 'std_list'

  • fixed: when running CodeLite under GTK with command line argument -b, it failed to enumerate plugins and debuggers
  • added support for PHP colouring
  • added support for up to 5 keywords sets in the lexers page
  • removed hard coded font name from the html lexer
  • fixed the output of the yacc parser for template declaration
  • Fixed: Functions's calltip could show multiple entries with same signature (incase of diff variabels name, default value)
  • Improved the output returned from the yacc parser for variables scope (when template is included, e.g. std::map< std::string, std:vector<std::string> > my_arg)
  • Added syntax highlight for InnoSetup
  • User settings will no longer be overriding by installer
  • When using cscope, the Outpane will become visible
  • Fixed bug where space in folder name may break debugging
  • added new 'Show cursor' button in the debugger toolbar
  • Macros in the form of functions, will now display proper function calltip as if it was a function
  • Functions' calltip will now use tips with default values where available

What's new (April 6th, 2008)

CodeLite revision 1345 is now available for download, main changes from last uploaded revision (1202):

  • added post install step to .deb file
  • added support for Mac in the makefile
  • added missing include in LexFIF.cxx
  • editor will no longer highlight '>' & '<' while there is selected text
  • editor will no longer highlight '>' incase of >> , << and ->
  • fixed ctags to identify members of namespace
  • members inside namespace without scope, are now recognized properly
  • Fixed bug #[ 1916737 ] no code completition for std::cout and std::cin
  • updated Mac bundle script to include svnreport.html
  • updated Mac bundle script to insert the real revision on creation
  • fixed function CorrectUsingNamespace() in language.cpp to always return true, since there are some corrections that are made later (such as, typedefs, templates)
  • added new option to allow copy the file's path only to clipboard
  • applied patch to ctags-le
  • plugins menus are now disabled in the workspace view, while build is in progress
  • Workspace context menu is now disabled while build is in progress
  • added plugin management. User can now select which plugin to be loaded on next startup
  • updated Reference analyzer plugin to suite new plugin API
  • updated plugin wizard to confirm the new API
  • added 2 new variables $(ProjectPath) $(WorkspacePath)
  • updated the deb control file so the external dependencies are included automatically (Pre-Depends -> Depends)
  • code navigation / completion is now possible even for files which are not part of the workspace,
	the only condition is that there is an open workspace
  • On windows, 'Complete Word' is now enabled for files which are not part of the workspace
  • added update.bat script that copies the runtime file to C:\Program Files\CodeLite
  • main notebook will no longer uses double click to close tab
  • the output pane's toolbars are now set horizontally to catch less sapce
  • visualisation improvements were made to the wxFNB
  • set default value for m_fixedtabWidth to -1
  • added new vertical tab control for the workspace pane
  • futher adjustment to the new vertical book control
  • Add a 'done' msg to the makefile with instructions to run install.
  • CodeLite now automatically continues comments lines (for example, when hitting enter when in C comment line, CodeLite will prepend ' *' to the next line)
  • Reverted back change that enabled copy from the output pane (due to problems in copy command from the main editor)
  • added support for backticks in project settings fields. User can now run commands like this:
   make ` $(ProjectName)` -> codelite will execute $(ProjectName), and then will run make with the result (ofc, $(ProjectName) will be expanded before running
  • CC now works properly when caret is placed in middle of a word
  • When debugging an attached process * 'Debugger Continue' command was disabled, this is no longer the case
  • Auto - add - comment for C++ style was adding wrong indentation in some cases
  • renamed menu entry in debug from Start to Start / Contntinue
  • added code that compares revisions from the configuration file vs teh installation - this will cause codelite to re-copy settings from installation on Linux/Mac
  • added configure scritp for Unix like system build
  • Fixed typos in the configure script.
  • deb installation now adds icon to deskop + menu
  • added script lexer (csh, tcsh, ksh etc.)
  • added syntax highlight for properties files (ini, .properties)
  • added .desktop to properties lexer
  • updated BuildIndo.txt
  • added support for opening .workspace file using file association
  • removed old makefiles
  • added missing ASTYLE_LIB define to the makfiles
  • adjust configure to support Mac
  • Find In files -> when selecting a match, CodeLite will also select the matched text in the editor
  • New: Replace In Files -> user can now replace in files (using the same dialog of Find In Files)
  • reduced flicking on linux when seelcting same tab again
  • improved the layout of the 'Replace Results' tab so more sapce is available for results
  • increased the FIF dialog size
  • renamed editor.cpp/h and calltip.cpp/h to cl_* -> this is due to mac build problems (not case sensitive in file names)
  • updated Mac scripts to create installation according to the correct build settings
  • replaced the new workspace/dialog with 2 new dialogs
  • replaced the 'New Item Dialog' list control API with new one, to resolve issue on Mac
  • replace all functionlity is now completed, use on yout own risk!!
  • when loaded modified file from the disk, the file is retagged automatically
  • fixed layout of cscope tab to provide more space for the matched results
  • minor adjustments to the new project / workspace dialogs
  • fixed minor drawing issue with vertical tabs
  • when closing a file, the navigation bar is cleared automatically
  • when issuing close all -> the workspace will collapse as well
  • File explorer tree is now in synch with the opened files in the editor (this is configurable via small button at the bottom of the workspace pane)
  • fixed dismissing dialogs on linux using escape key for several dialogs
  • added Mac specific code for detecting the install path, updated the make bundle script to include cscope as well
  • configur: replaced \\t with the actual TAB character
  • increase the options dialog
  • removed various printing to stdout
  • set the focus in the svn options dialog to the first text control on that dialog
  • reduced tab's height for Windows in 3 pixels
  • reduced output pane toolbars spacers by 5 pixels
  • increased the visible size of the find results in the 'replace results'
  • the collapse all button is now placed at the bottom of the workspace pane
  • vertical tabs can now be dragged and dropped
  • updated configure to create uninstall section
  • added syntax hightlight colour for the Svn tab (updated files line is coloured in green, conflict in red etc.)
  • modified cscope layout so more space is available for results
  • fixed bug where the svn menu could appear multiple times on the project context menu
  • the editor & File explorer can now be linked and un-linked according to the toolbar button state at the bottom of the file explorer tab
  • moved LexSVN file to the correct path
  • removed assetions in debug build
  • applied a better fix to svn 'persistent menu'
  • updated Svn lexer to include _U && UU lines (property updated)
  • reduced the width of the vertical tab on Windows OS
  • updated Unix projects for CL
  • fixed typo in configure which prevents compiling ctags
  • a minor face lift to the welcome page
  • fixed warnings for gcc 4.1
  • set the round angle of the vertical tabs to be 2pt
  • configure: 'make install' will no also remove ~/.codelite/liteeditor.xml
  • added new 'configuration manager' button which is located next to the build configuration

What's new (March 24, 2008)

CodeLite revision 1202 is now available for download, main changes from last uploaded revision (1145):

  • fixed: On lInux svn report which was generated from the explorer view, failed to open the link to the 'unversioned files'
  • resource compiler is now not set in the makefile when not needed
  • [Feature#1912717] User can now select a tab be used for the find in files results (from 5 possible tabs)
  • Fixed bug#1913351: Replace may recurse into itself
  • 'Find' now starts the search from the current position
  • updated SVN icons
  • project icon replaced with yellow cubes instead of the blue
  • 'Yes' button is now the default answer for the 'Yes/No/Cancel' dialog
  • CodeLite will now re-generate the makefile upon all changes that requires makefile re-generation, especially changes in environment variables and build settings
  • Svn icons now applies to all files (including files & virtual folders)
  • svn icons now checks project files as well
  • updated the breakpoint tab to be list control.
  • double clicking on a breakpoint, now jumps to the file/line
  • Find in files matches now allows single click for opening the matched file
  • Improved 'Open Type' dialog (more fields in the dialog, arrows key up/down now working)
  • New class dialog, will now includes scope of parent class (when selecting parent class)
  • Backward/Forward navigation fixed: it now remembers the last 'Next' position as well
  • Fixed 'new compiler' default g++ settings
  • gcc warnings of this form : <file>:line:col: <text> are now handled properly
  • build output now marks the file name + line number as hyper link
  • All dialog's notebook have been replaced with the native notebook (wxNotebook), except the main editor's notebook & panes
  • Editor's settings dialog: the general page is now splitted to 3 pages
  • Editor's settings dialog: the list box in the syntax highlight tab, is now fixed size
  • Splashscreen is now optional and can be turned on/off from Settings -> Editor -> General page, by default it is turned off
  • Increased the Tags Options dialog to 500,450
  • updated fixes for Linux 'Release Unicode' configuration
  • Svn is now refreshed on the following conditions:
	OnFileSave, OnFileRemoved, OnFileAdded (configurable from the UI)
  • CC now properly supports arrays of variables (char *argv[], int arr[100][23] etc.)
  • Ctrl+C key binding is now supported in the Output Pane's tabs - Find Results & Build
  • more fixes to array and CC
  • removed build warning
  • 'Symbols Dialog' (resolve ambiguity) is now focused properly and keyboard can be used to navigate between results
  • added new 'Collapse All' button to the workspace pane
  • refactored the workspace pane to be in single class
  • fixed crash of wrong type casting
  • replaced the 'Collapse All' to toolbar
  • removed toolbar' divider from output pane toolbars
  • g++/gcc compiler regex will now detect windows full path properly
  • fixed bug when the SVN menu may have been appanded twice
  • fixed a case when Subversion plugin can cause a deadlock
  • Svn commit dialog will no longer add empty comments
  • added new option in editor's tab menu, which allows user to copy the file's abs path to clipboard
  • added fallback scenario in case the 'DispatchCommand' does not find the focused window (in such case it fallsback the active editor)
  • minor fixes with Svn plugin
  • Fixed bug# 1867296 - Num pad delete key does not work
  • numpad insert now behaves the same way as regular 'Insert'
  • added new 'Add' link to unversioned files in the SVN report
  • the SVN report is now auto refreshed once a file has been added/reverted
  • added post install step to .deb file

What's new (March 11, 2008)

CodeLite revision 1145 can be downloaded from the download section of this site.

Changes since last revision (1093):

  • added support for custom build systems (such as premake, cmake & qmake). When defining a project as 'custom build' project and selecting any of the above to be the makefile generator, user can now set the command line to run for generating the makefile. To run the command, simply Right click on the project and select 'Run QMake'
  • environment variables now allows to append content to themselves, like in: path=$(path):C:\path* all fields in 'custom build' page can now use the macros (environment variables, and project variables like $(ProjectName)
  • fixed bug that variables were expanded after being passed to the system to be executed. this bug occurs only in 'custom build' build command
  • refactored the manager code a bit
  • fixed makefile of the Subversion plugin to include sqlite library
  • added new project templates for VC executable + dll
  • defined VC compiler settings
  • added static library project template for VC compiler
  • welcome page is now auto hidden when workspace is loaded
  • Updated CPP lexer's match brace colour selection
  • Svn commit dialog, now remembers the last committed messages per session, that it, once CodeLite is restarted, the list is cleaned
  • Fixed: When setting manual class name in the 'Class Wizard', the generated file still includes the hard coded file name
  • Fixed bug in the g++ compiler settings
  • added new icons for the reference analyzer toolbar
  • Added new option to change the toolbar icon size
  • added new toolbar item in the 'Build' tab (bottom pane) which opens the compiler settings dialog (set to the colour settings page)
  • added support for single file build command (in custome build
  • importing files will now silently ignore .svn/.cvs directories
  • SVN now generates HTML report for status
  • SVN icons has been removed, this was done for two main reasons: performance & stability in addition the new report can be also added to the 'Workspace' files view to create more consistent look and feel
  • updated various scipts to include the new html template file
  • removed unneeded menu separator from the file explorer context menu
  • added new option to the svn report refresh report
  • added support for basic SVN operations to the 'Workspace' tab. The new menu's are currently available for Workspace & Projects only. In the file level, the Svn menu exists in the editor (editor's right click)
  • added new icons for SVN visualization
  • added svn icons for workspace & project view.
  • new SVN context menus are now available for the workspace & projects
  • Fixed: recursive variables inside makefile
  • Debugger did not apply environment variables correctly
  • Export makefile, now forces exporting the makefile even if the workspace/project was not modified
  • Incase the makefile of a project is missing, it will be automatically generated (this was not the case OO )
  • fixed: On lInux svn report which was generated from the explorer view, failed to open the link to the 'unversioned files'
  • resource compiler is now not set in the makefile when not needed

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