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General Info

CodeLite main features


  • Generic support for compilers with built-in support for GCC/clang/VC++
  • Display errors as code annotations or as tooltip in the editor window
  • Errors are clickable via the Build tab

GDB Support

  • Built-in GDB support, with the following features included:
    • Watches table - add persistent watches with a single click
    • Quick Watch - right click on a variable to expand it
    • Locals tree - automatically displays the current stack variables (also displays *this if available)
    • Threads view - contains a list of currently-running threads; switch between them with a single click
    • Breakpoint management - disable, enable, conditional, temporary
    • Automatic tree like tooltips
    • Memory view
    • Tree View tooltips (auto de-references pointers)
    • Allow modifying tooltips


  • Rename symbol
  • Rename file (will also change all #include in the code)
  • Rename local symbol
  • Generate setters / getters
  • Implement inherited virtual functions
  • Implement inherited pure-virtual functions
  • Easily change function signature to match its header / implementation counterpart
  • Move functions implementation to another source file
  • Implement all unimplemented methods
  • Implement method

Source Control Plugins

Code Navigation

  • Outline
  • cscope plugin
  • Zoom Navigator - display a mini map of your code

Code Completion

CodeLite offers 2 code completion engines (both can be enabled at the same time)

  • Powerful and amazingly fast code completion based on our in-house parser (supports C++11 auto keyword, templates, inheritance etc)
  • clang based code completion - based on the CLANG/LLVM project - this feature provides a compiler level code completion
  • Parse and display doxygen comments in the code completion box (as a separated floating window)

RAD Tool for wxWidgets

CodeLite has its own RAD ( Rapid Application Development ) tool for building wxWidgets based applications - wxCrafter

Many other features are not listed here - we recommend that you download and give CodeLite a try!

The CodeLite Team

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Page last modified on January 04, 2014, at 05:05 PM