mingw-w64 Windows build from git failing on libssh.dll

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mingw-w64 Windows build from git failing on libssh.dll

Post by guyr » Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:27 am

I've been building CodeLite from git on Windows 7 64-bit for about 6 months without issue, starting with some version of CodeLite 10. I'm doing this because I submitted a bug to WxWidgets, and wanted to test with CodeLite. I'm using the MingW-w64 compiler. I'm building the Win_x64_Release configuration.

A recent pull of CodeLite would build fine, but when I tried to run it would ask me for libssh.dll. After trying a large number of solutions, I found that copying libssh64.dll to libssh.dll solves the problem. I spent so much time finding the solution that I haven't traced down the build issue that is causing this.


[UPDATE] I may have found the issue. If I look at sdk/libssh/lib/libssh64.dll.a, and do a regex search for "libssh.*\.dll", I find libssh.dll. If I do the same search in the same file on a copy of the the version 10 source, I find libssh64.dll. So, apparently the libssh64.dll currently in the git repo has not been properly generated.

[UPDATE 2] I created an issue for this: https://github.com/eranif/codelite/issues/1872