CodeLite revision 1345 is ready for download

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CodeLite revision 1345 is ready for download

Post by eranif » Sun Apr 06, 2008 10:33 pm

I have just packaged and uploaded CodeLite revision 1345 (for Windows & Linux).

Sourceforge download link: ... _id=202033

Main changes from previous release (revision 1202):
* added post install step to .deb file
* added support for Mac in the makefile
* added missing include in LexFIF.cxx
* editor will no longer highlight '>' & '<' while there is selected text
* editor will no longer highlight '>' incase of >> , << and ->
* fixed ctags to identify members of namespace
* members inside namespace without scope, are now recognized properly
* Fixed bug #[ 1916737 ] no code completition for std::cout and std::cin
* updated Mac bundle script to include svnreport.html
* updated Mac bundle script to insert the real revision on creation
* fixed function CorrectUsingNamespace() in language.cpp to always return true, since there are some corrections that are made later (such as, typedefs, templates)
* added new option to allow copy the file's path only to clipboard
* applied patch to ctags-le
* plugins menus are now disabled in the workspace view, while build is in progress
* Workspace context menu is now disabled while build is in progress
* added plugin management. User can now select which plugin to be loaded on next startup
* updated Reference analyzer plugin to suite new plugin API
* updated plugin wizard to confirm the new API
* added 2 new variables $(ProjectPath) $(WorkspacePath)
* updated the deb control file so the external dependencies are included automatically (Pre-Depends -> Depends)
* code navigation / completion is now possible even for files which are not part of the workspace,
the only condition is that there is an open workspace
* On windows, 'Complete Word' is now enabled for files which are not part of the workspace
* added update.bat script that copies the runtime file to C:\Program Files\CodeLite
* main notebook will no longer uses double click to close tab
* the output pane's toolbars are now set horizontally to catch less sapce
* visualisation improvements were made to the wxFNB
* set default value for m_fixedtabWidth to -1
* added new vertical tab control for the workspace pane
* futher adjustment to the new vertical book control
* Add a 'done' msg to the makefile with instructions to run install.
* CodeLite now automatically continues comments lines (for example, when hitting enter when in C comment line, CodeLite will prepend ' *' to the next line)
* Reverted back change that enabled copy from the output pane (due to problems in copy command from the main editor)
* added support for backticks in project settings fields. User can now run commands like this:
make ` $(ProjectName)` -> codelite will execute $(ProjectName), and then will run make with the result (ofc, $(ProjectName) will be expanded before running
* CC now works properly when caret is placed in middle of a word
* When debugging an attached process * 'Debugger Continue' command was disabled, this is no longer the case
* Auto - add - comment for C++ style was adding wrong indentation in some cases
* renamed menu entry in debug from Start to Start / Contntinue
* added code that compares revisions from the configuration file vs teh installation - this will cause codelite to re-copy settings from installation on Linux/Mac
* added configure scritp for Unix like system build
* Fixed typos in the configure script.
* deb installation now adds icon to deskop + menu
* added script lexer (csh, tcsh, ksh etc.)
* added syntax highlight for properties files (ini, .properties)
* added .desktop to properties lexer
* updated BuildIndo.txt
* added support for opening .workspace file using file association
* removed old makefiles
* added missing ASTYLE_LIB define to the makfiles
* adjust configure to support Mac
* Find In files -> when selecting a match, CodeLite will also select the matched text in the editor
* New: Replace In Files -> user can now replace in files (using the same dialog of Find In Files)
* reduced flicking on linux when seelcting same tab again
* improved the layout of the 'Replace Results' tab so more sapce is available for results
* increased the FIF dialog size
* renamed editor.cpp/h and calltip.cpp/h to cl_* -> this is due to mac build problems (not case sensitive in file names)
* updated Mac scripts to create installation according to the correct build settings
* replaced the new workspace/dialog with 2 new dialogs
* replaced the 'New Item Dialog' list control API with new one, to resolve issue on Mac
* replace all functionlity is now completed, use on yout own risk!!
* when loaded modified file from the disk, the file is retagged automatically
* fixed layout of cscope tab to provide more space for the matched results
* minor adjustments to the new project / workspace dialogs
* fixed minor drawing issue with vertical tabs
* when closing a file, the navigation bar is cleared automatically
* when issuing close all -> the workspace will collapse as well
* File explorer tree is now in synch with the opened files in the editor (this is configurable via small button at the bottom of the workspace pane)
* fixed dismissing dialogs on linux using escape key for several dialogs
* added Mac specific code for detecting the install path, updated the make bundle script to include cscope as well
* configur: replaced \\t with the actual TAB character
* increase the options dialog
* removed various printing to stdout
* set the focus in the svn options dialog to the first text control on that dialog
* reduced tab's height for Windows in 3 pixels
* reduced output pane toolbars spacers by 5 pixels
* increased the visible size of the find results in the 'replace results'
* the collapse all button is now placed at the bottom of the workspace pane
* vertical tabs can now be dragged and dropped
* updated configure to create uninstall section
* added syntax hightlight colour for the Svn tab (updated files line is coloured in green, conflict in red etc.)
* modified cscope layout so more space is available for results
* fixed bug where the svn menu could appear multiple times on the project context menu
* the editor & File explorer can now be linked and un-linked according to the toolbar button state at the bottom of the file explorer tab
* moved LexSVN file to the correct path
* removed assetions in debug build
* applied a better fix to svn 'persistent menu'
* updated Svn lexer to include _U && UU lines (property updated)
* reduced the width of the vertical tab on Windows OS
* updated Unix projects for CL
* fixed typo in configure which prevents compiling ctags
* a minor face lift to the welcome page
* fixed warnings for gcc 4.1
* set the round angle of the vertical tabs to be 2pt
* configure: 'make install' will no also remove ~/.codelite/liteeditor.xml
* added new 'configuration manager' button which is located next to the build configuration
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