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CodeLite v1.0.2527

Post by eranif » Fri Dec 12, 2008 1:16 pm

Hi All,

CodeLite 1.0.2527 is out.

I created a page which lists mosts of the new feature in this version (but not all of them since the list is long... ;):

Here is the full change log:
- Fixed: bug#[ 2160521 ] Underline and Strikeout not working
- Fixed: syntax higlight dialog preview now properly displays italic/underlined
- New: Added new 'Set project active' button in the 'Workspace' toolbar which allows user to select the active project more quickly
- File explorer tab: Moved the toolbar to be on top of the volume choice control
- updated installer to include wx287 instead of 289
- active project selection button is now disabled if no workspace is opened
- Fixed: bug#[ 2285137 ] Depend files need to be regenerated when dependencies change
- Repository clean up
- Added copyrights block to the entire codelite source base
- Copyrights plugin: added option to set a "ignore string" if it is found in a file, the plugin will not insert the copyright block. This helps assuring users that the copyrights block is inserted only once
- Projects list popup menu (from the workspace tab) now displays the projects in the same order as they appear in the 'Workspace' tree
- Fixed bug#2271590 Document tabs not updated correctly
- Code refactoring (Scott Dolim)
- SVN commit log: moved the dark border around the text area
- SVN commit log: is now resizable, and will not stay on top
- SVN Change log: hitting ENTER on that dialog will now generate the log instead of navigate to next control
- Removed black border from various dialogs
- added new busy info to indicate that the SVN is busy and CodeLite can not respond
- Fixed: (Mac) SVN update icons was sent too many times instead of only once
- Fixed: Copyrights plugin: if the 'ignore string' is empty, the copyroghts block is always inserted
- SVN plugin: added new option in the 'Create Change Log' dialog: create compact log, which revmoves empty lines, separating lines and lines containing commit owner
- SVN plugin: changed the name of the log file to be temporary file name generated by the system
- Code refactoring for File Explorer tree (Scott Dolim)
- Performance improvement for the file explorer tree (Scott Dolim)
- Added missing e.Skip() call in subversion plugin
- Subversion: Separated the event handler for events that are coming from the application and events which are used internally by the subversion plugin
- code refactoring to workspace tab - Scott Dolim
- added new event to plugins: wxEVT_WORKSPACE_CONFIG_CHANGED - Scott Dolim
- Fixed: SVN plugin: selecting 'Show Diff' on a folder will now create the diff file with the directory name dot diff (unlike what it does now: .diff)
- Fixed: Bug#[2258012] Caret offscreen after Fold/Unfold
- Fixed regexs to allow spaces in paths (tarqe39) - to view the new regexs, one should delete its build_settings.xml and restart codelite
- Code refactoring (Scott Dolim)
- Added 'Delete' option to the editor's context menu
- Fixed crash on exit on Linux
- New: added new 'Errors' tab at the output pane which displays only compilations errors/warnings (by cenix)
- Fixed: When using the UP/DOWN arrows in the shell windows (Output, Debug) input box, the caret is now properly displayed at the end of the histroy line
- Fixed: Using 'New Class' did not add it to the correct virtual folder (Linux only)
- Fixed: errors tab container did not display scrollbar properly when many warnings occured
- Applied patch to replace popup messages from various parts of the code with status bar messages
Added new workspace configuration: Linux 64Bit Release which does not uses the ./configure generated makefile but rather uses codelite's one
- Added macro ON_64_BIT to LiteEditor and Debugger projects (for the Linux_64Bit_Release workspace configuration)
- setup correct plugins paths and extensions for 'Linux_64Bit_Release' configuration
- Added 'non-code' project template (David GH)
- Fixed projects descriptions (David GH)
- Added new plugin: ContinousBuild which allows use to build the file OnSave. NOT completed yet
- Fixed: regression bug: F4 (jump to next error) started from last error
- ContinousBuild: 'enable build' checkbox is now set properly on startup
- fixed typo
- Continuous build: build erros are now reported in the 'Errors' tab
- updated Linux packaging scripts to include ContinuousBuild plugin, fixed regex pattern for warnings
- Code refactoring in the code that places bookmarks/breakpoints (DavidGH)
-fixed macro issue with resources
- Fixed: MacOSX: Replaced 'New' Delete and Delete All in the watches tab
- Fixed: MacOSX: Debugger did not display local variables
- Applied better fix for the debugger's watch tab for MacOSX
- Changed the 'watchs' tab of the debugger (buttons are now aligned to the left, in vertical formation)
- Added new test in the gdb parser workspace for testing parsing of debugger local variables
- Implemented FR#[ 2340288 ] Automatically add closing brackets
- AutoAddBraces will not add matching brace if the current style is comment or string
- Removed disabled code support from the editor (#if 0 ... #endif)
- MacOSX: Fixed "spamming" of ' \\n ' prints in debugger->local view
- Further improvements to the 'AutoCompleteBraces' feature (by evilissimo)
Added support for SCI_INDICATORVALUEAT message.
Enhanced auto-bracket insertion behavior. Uses an indicator
to flag the auto-inserted close-bracket. You can type any text
between braces, and when you reach the auto-inserted closer, you
will type right through it. The marker is also removed if you
cursor away from the vicinity.
Partial refactor of MainBook, Frame, and Manager to conceal the internal Notebook (for later support of splitting editor pane).
Last commit missed these files, which are no longer needed.
- LEditor now updates the status bar using pending events rather than direct calls (this bug was introduced in recent changes to status bar messages) - which lead to performance degradation of the editor on mac
- Default size for creating editor is (1,1) -> this removes annoying flicker when opening new file
- Fixed: CodeLite crashes on workspace switching/closing (regression bug in SymbolView plugin, due to latest code refactoring)
- Fixed: Opening an editor from the build/error tab will also set the focus back to the editor
- Performance improvment for code completion
- Fixed possible crash in Notebook control
- Fixed regression bug due to code refactoring: annoying 'workspace 'Default' no longer exist message' when opening codelite and no workspace was opened in the previous session
- MainBook::SaveAll() now returns bool. This is false if user hits Cancel, so activities which require all files to be saved can abort.
- MainBook::OpenFile() makes sure LEditor::SetActive() is called on editor one way or another.
- When building and there are some unmodified files, save them without prompting the user
- Added new fold style: Arrow with background colour
- Fixed: changed brace indicator colour to grey otherwise, this indicator is invisible when using the dark theme colouring scheme
- Set 'Arrows' as the default fold style
- Fixed minor bug in debugger breakpoint management
- Removed redundant code from app.cpp/app.h
Tweak the indentation guides: use mode SC_IV_LOOKBOTH for better guide continuity across blank lines; use SetHighlightGuide() to color the indentation guide between highlighted matching braces.
Added style 38 for indentation guides. Intended to allow this nifty trick:
- Turn on indentation guides in Editor Settings dialog.
- In Syntax Highlight settings, set this style's fg color = bg color.
Then indentation guides are active but invisible -- except when you have a highlighted pair of matching braces: The guide between the braces is colored the same as the braces themselves.
Further refactoring of MainBook. All references to MainBook's Notebook are now private, so it is ready to add the splitter window.
- Fixed: build error on Windows
- Replaced the old 'editor settings' dialog with tree based one ( evilissimo )
- Settings Dialog: Moved 'Quick Code navigation' to be under 'C++'
- Fixed: Editor settings dialog no longer "jumps" on linux when first started
- Fixed: Editor settings dialog can now be dismiss with ESC key on Linux
- added copyrights block to new files
- fixed: copyright plugin skip all files if ignore string was not empty
- Fixed: when switching applications and then coming back to codelite, the focus remains where it was
- New: fold with colours: now draws different colours for different nest level
- Made the colour used in the 'folding with background' style configurable from 'settings -> editor -> folding'
- Replaced the method used to make colour lighter by using RGB->HSL & HSL->RGB
- Improved the 'colour folding': round corners in the folding backgruond colouring
- Fixed: bug #[2342805] wrong EOL char from include wizard
- Fixed: when auto-completing braces, use the correct EOL
Added function UserSelectFiles() to MainBook. Presents CheckListBox of a set of files to user. Now used in functions SaveAll(), CloseAll(), and ReloadExternallyModified().
Forgot to add the new files to the project.
wxFormBuilder file for filechecklist base class
Choose lesser indentation of two matching braces when setting indentation guide highlight column
- Added additional separator to the right margin to indicate the border between the numbers margin and the markers margins (bookmarks & breakpoints)
- Fixed: 'files check list' dialog now remembers position and size
- Fixed: in some cases codelite may crash if 'check list dialog' was opened
- Some facelift to the 'check list dialog' dialog
- Hiding the number OR symbols margin, also hides their respective separator margin
- Fixed: "new item" dialog: the location entry is now filled with default value, also changed the order of the 'name' and 'location' entries
- Fixed: "new class" dialog: when ticking the 'set file name manually' the name generated by codelite remains and selected
- Plugin management dialog is now resizable
Added ability to detach and dock editor tabs. Use the Close button to put them back in the Notebook. Note: wxAUI floating frames don't see the normal acclerator keys. So keyboard functionality is limited if a tab is floated instead of docked.
Use the wxAUI "close pane" event to handle closing DockablePanes and putting the tabs back in their home notebooks. Therefore, don't need the toolbar, or the extension of the View menu anymore.
- Accelerators are now working properly for detached *floating* panes
- A better fix for accelerator keys does not always work for detached panes
Moved accelerator table OnRender solution to Frame. That way it works for all floating frames, including e.g. Workspace, Explorer, etc.
- Added new +/- with background colour folding style
- Fixed: 'Build before debug' now works properly for custom build as well (thanks to Francesco Sacchi)
- Fixed: bug in code formatter, idnent class was not handled properly (it was handled as indent case)
Make editor call tip windows a little less "sticky".
- Remote debugging: Added the ability to send commands to the debugger after attaching to the remote target and before the 'continue' command. The commands can be set from project settings -> debugger
- fixed: wrong toolbar icon size was used in settings->editor->misc
- Generation of the *.o.d files (makefile dependencies files) is now generated based on a flag in the compiler page (settings -> build settings)
- CodeLite will not attempt to re-parse file when the workspace is closing or during shutdown
- Code refactoring
- Changed defaut values to enable 'auto add match braces' & ' fold style with colours' on clean installations
- Added the ability to delete tags which generated from given path (this can be done from right clicking on the 'path' table (the bottom pane of the Tags Management UI) and right clicking a path
- Updated 'About' dialog to include other developers as well
- Implemented FR#[ 2338985 ] add newline when creating implementation
- Fixed: a long awaiting bug: calltip font is now set to use system default GUI font
- Fixed: calltip has now same border colour (gray)
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Re: CodeLite v1.0.2527

Post by aaulia » Fri Dec 12, 2008 7:29 pm

Nice work, congrats, been waiting for a while :p
anyway one question, is the continues build similar in anyway with incredibuild ?

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Re: CodeLite v1.0.2527

Post by eranif » Fri Dec 12, 2008 11:15 pm

aaulia wrote:anyway one question, is the continues build similar in anyway with incredibuild ?
No. Incredibuild is more like 'distcc' (search this in google).

The continuous build works as follows:
When user saves a file, the file will get compiled in the background automatically. If the there were errors during the build, the 'Errors' tab will be focused with list of errors/warnings.

This plugin reduces compilation time when hitting F7, since some files were compiled as you code them. It is recommended to enable this plugin only if you are using dual or quad core (codelite will prompt you if you are using single core and trying to enable it)

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