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codelite 1.0.2785

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 4:07 pm
by eranif
Hi All,

I uploaded codelite 1.0.2785.

This is a minor release which is intended to provide stable source file repository toward submission of codelite into FC.

It does include some minor bug fixes, and one big feature: "Global Settings"

here is the complete change log:
- Tags Options dialog now contains new entry: 'retag workspace on workspace startup' when enabled, codelite will re-tag the workspace when loading a workspace
- Fixed: random crash in UnitTest++ plugin when trying to execute project as UnitTest++ and produce a report
- Changed std::vector to WX defined types
- reduced flickering when generating UnitTest++ report page
- fixed memory leak in the UnitTest++ report page
- New: codelite now supports 'Global Settings' configuration. This configuration allows user to set preprocessor/linker options or compiler options which will be applied to all of your project configuration type (by jfouche)
- added missing files
- fixed crash in the open resource dialog which may lead to codelite crash
- Added support for --plugins_dir in the configure script
- fixed configure script error
- fixed configure script to added quotations around the new macros INSTALL_DIR and PLUGINS_DIR
- codelite will now use the macro INSTALL_DIR for install directory
- applied changes to use macros fromconfigure script to locate plugins direcotry as well as the installation directory
- Updated packaging scripts to fit the new installation tree
- Fixed: empty entries in the project settings are now ignored as they should be (for example adding ;;; in the search path will no longer yield -I -I -I in the resource complier build line)
- Resource compiler settings now affects all OSs (previously there was a limitation to Windows only) - this will allow x-cross compilng more easy
- Fixed: disabled performance code in scope resolving, this fixes several code completion bugs which involves namespace scope resolving
- 'More accurate scope name resolving' is now configurable from tags settings -> advance tab
- Fixed: Apply button of project settings is now functional again
- renamed codelite.desktop file to .template file
- codelite.desktop is no longer generated and uses a template file place holder for the installation prefix
- added AUTHORS and COPYING files to the deb package
- removed execution permission from files under /usr/share/codelite
- minor fix to conigure script
- added shebang to scripts file
- changed plugins/debuggers permissions to 0644
- fixed invalid codelite.desktop file
- Implemented FR#2623376: Remember watch expression. CodeLite now restores watches from the previous debug session
- Removed non needed log message
- Fixed: Bug#[ 2640281 ] Incorrect Syntax Highlighting for files with ext in CAPITAL

Re: codelite 1.0.2785

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2009 12:27 pm
by duplo
Hi, I can't find this build for mac in the download page, could you submit it? Thanks a lot!

Re: codelite 1.0.2785

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2009 12:33 pm
by eranif
As soon i will gain access to the Mac (which will be only next week, on thursday) I will upload this build

Re: codelite 1.0.2785

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2009 1:46 pm
by duplo
Thanks a lot!