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CodeLite v1.0 RC02

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 6:45 pm
by eranif
CodeLite v1.0RC02 is available for download for all major OSs

This release contains many bug fixes and several improvements and new features:
- 'Add function implementation' now properly respects const functions
- The installer now places 'Open With CodeLite' to windows shell menu
- Fixed: Highlighting caret line, will now display properly
- CC now properly recognizes dboule qualified variables (long long, unsigned int, signed int.. etc.)
- 'Implement All Un-Implemented Functions' now works more accuraetly.
- 'Add Function Implementation' for virtual destructors now works properly
- encoding are now saved properly
- added new option: Retag file (useful incase the file was modified outside of the editor)
- added new status message that indicated that file has been re-tagged
- added 'Select All' to c++ context menu
- retag file will alert when attempting to retag an unsaved file
- tags settings dialog: renamed the 'Close' button 'Cancel'
- Fixed: when allocating classes, CodeCompletion will now properly display tooltips for c-tors (e.g. Class *a = new Class( <-- tooltip will now properly be displayed
- Fixed: setting EOL are now properly affects the editor
- Fixed: CodeFormatter plugin will now append the current EOL at the end of the formatted buffer, according to the settings of the current editor
- Fixed Bug# [1978094] AStyle not putting correct line endings
- Fixed bug# [1978096] - 'Search Up' not working in 'Find', 'Find' dialog failed to match items backward when 'whole word only' is checked
- text indicators are cleared automatically once the text is unselected
- FR# [1953484] - ability to launch default applications for files in the exploere view
- When selecting a function from the completion list, CodeLIte will automatically add '()' after the function. the caret will be placed in the middle of it and the function tip function will be auto triggered
- added completion box for C++ key words - this completion will popup automatically after user typed 3 chars. this functinality can turned on/off from 'Settings -> Tags Options... -> Basics' by checking/unchecking the 'display completion box for language keywords'
- changed debugger code to bind during runtime the function DebugBreakProcess this to allow the debugger to be loaded under Windows ver < XP (i.e. Win 2000)
- Language keyword completion box will not be triiggred whithin comment/string
- minor fixes to CC box behavior
- added new 'single instance' option for CodeLite, enabled by default
- more fixes applied to CC box for more intuitive usage
- code lite now passes the document to be opened to the running CL instance
- applied patch for multibyte search and replace (by Jacek Kucharski)
- FR#[ 1969593 ] F3 should search the selected text
- commented code that break the DLL loading on Windows 2000
- applied patch for multi byte search / replace by Jacek Kucharski
- modified debugger so on all platforms, CodeLite will use the break command rather than the -break-insert command
- Implemented auto-hide feature for the build output pane
- New: FR#[1767679] - the ability to rename file (will also retag it, update outline view and force s a regenration of the makefiles), also incase the project is under SVN the file will be added to SVN (configurable))
- performance tuning for the unerlying SQLite database
- changed the colour of the functions' icon from orange to light blue
- Replaced the default 'About Dialog' with new one
- Fixed bug in SVN which may cause a 'seperator' in the project context menu to appear more than once
- odeLite does not allow the "extern" keyword to be ignored in tags settings
- Implemeted FR# [1969600] New version notification on startup
- Separated the project type (exe, dll or lib) from the project settings, so now same project can produce different types (i.e. same project can produce exe, dll AND lib)
- Selecting an item using the mouse (i.e. double clicking on it), will now dismisses the outline dialog as it should (this behavior is consistent with the keyboard selection one)
- updated default compiler regex patterns
- Fixed window positioning on Mac OSX