CodeLite revision 1094 is out

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CodeLite revision 1094 is out

Post by eranif »

Hi, I released today CodeLite for Windows revision 1094

Changes from previous released version (1073) are:

added -fPIC to all shared objects makefiles
svninfo.o is now added to link only when the svninfo.o is NOT already included, this solves multiple definition error in link introduced during last commit
- Fixed: custom project can now select compiler type which will be used for parsing the compiler output
- minor changes to the cscope output format
- Tags colouring now also include function without implementation and enums
- Fixed: [ 1871679 ] Can\\\'t change tabs to spaces, user can now select in the editor options to remove use space char as the indentation (CodeLite will always use 4 spaces)
- CodeFormatter plugin adjusted to support indentation with space char, by default it is set to use tab (\t)
removed the drag hint for debug builds regardless version of wx
- $(ProjectName) expansion is now replacing space with underscore
- updating the environment variable will now mark the workspace as dirty, which will force new makefile generation on next build
- UpdateTools() on startup now expands macros as well
- built all new external components with new wx-2.8.7
- added support for custom build systems (such as premake, cmake & qmake).
When defining a project as 'custom build' project and selecting any of the above to be the makefile generator, user can now set the command line to run for generating the makefile.
To run the command, simply Right click on the project and select 'Run QMake'

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