[SOLVED] New install Cannot select virtual folder

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Re: [SOLVED] New install Cannot select virtual folder

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DavidGH wrote: I'd presumed that, in reality, you were going to have far more controls, so setting a font for each would be tedious. Though, having said that, with a RAD it wouldn't have been a major issue.

Anyway, I'm glad it's now working.
No, the top level window (frame) - which has to be readable on the floor on a 5" screen whilst standing playing the guitar - just has to show the current patch names of two devices, Guitar Synthesiser and Amplifier. More info would be nice but on such a small screen it cannot practicably be achieved - besides, I am quite old and my eyesight is not good! Once you get into the (yet to be created) configuration screens, smaller fonts are fine as I'll then be on my knees close up - or the MIDI controller will be on a table - to do those settings.
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