Codelite doesn't recognize MinGW path

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Codelite doesn't recognize MinGW path

Post by Naima »

Now I have set correctly MinGW and linked Windows to correct path in editing variables, the path variable is installed in the correct path but Codelite cannot find the MinGW installed , I have so went to settings, build settings and clicked on the green cross and added the path there, then I run again the setup wizard and still can't find the path , what's wrong then? I have installed winlibs-x86_64-posix-seh-gcc-12.2.0-llvm-15.0.6-mingw-w64ucrt-10.0.0-r3 and codelite-amd64-16.7.0 .

Now I see this is an issue that its carried on by several years, and I also found an installation explanation that says to instal in a path without spaces MinGW or Codelite can't find it , now I have Windws in Italian and its not Program files but Programmi , even if I suppose the main root base behind the localization is still Program files, yet I see no reason why should I have to make a new folder in C: just to please Codelite to work ?
I am honestly about to give up and install Visual studio Code, I know its heavier and bulkier and this is why I wanted Codelite, but seriously ? Can't find the installed compilers? Still?

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Re: Codelite doesn't recognize MinGW path

Post by eranif »

we only support MinGW installed via MSYS as described here:

CodeLite might or might not detect other compilers on Windows (except for VC)
You can always manually add your compiler to CodeLite

search the docs:

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