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Can't Run (New to Programming)

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 10:13 pm
by zerachin
Hello, I'm new to programming and am using CodeLite and MinGW. I was just making a simple hello world.

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#include <iostream>

int main() {
    std::cout << "Hello world";
    return 0;
Build log:

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C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /C C:/MinGW/bin/mingw32-make.exe SHELL=cmd.exe -e -f  Makefile
"----------Building project:[ Test1 - Debug ]----------"
mingw32-make.exe[1]: Entering directory 'C:/Users/Tutinha/Downloads/CPP/CPPWorkspace/Test1'
mingw32-make.exe[1]: Leaving directory 'C:/Users/Tutinha/Downloads/CPP/CPPWorkspace/Test1'
mingw32-make.exe[1]: Entering directory 'C:/Users/Tutinha/Downloads/CPP/CPPWorkspace/Test1'
C:/MinGW/bin/g++.exe  -c  "C:/Users/Tutinha/Downloads/CPP/CPPWorkspace/Test1/main.cpp" -std=c++14 -Wall -g -O0 -Wall  -o ./Debug/main.cpp.o -I. -I.
In file included from c:\mingw\lib\gcc\mingw32\8.2.0\include\c++\cstdio:42,
                 from c:\mingw\lib\gcc\mingw32\8.2.0\include\c++\ext\string_conversions.h:43,
                 from c:\mingw\lib\gcc\mingw32\8.2.0\include\c++\bits\basic_string.h:6391,
                 from c:\mingw\lib\gcc\mingw32\8.2.0\include\c++\string:52,
                 from c:\mingw\lib\gcc\mingw32\8.2.0\include\c++\bits\locale_classes.h:40,
                 from c:\mingw\lib\gcc\mingw32\8.2.0\include\c++\bits\ios_base.h:41,
                 from c:\mingw\lib\gcc\mingw32\8.2.0\include\c++\ios:42,
                 from c:\mingw\lib\gcc\mingw32\8.2.0\include\c++\ostream:38,
                 from c:\mingw\lib\gcc\mingw32\8.2.0\include\c++\iostream:39,
                 from C:/Users/Tutinha/Downloads/CPP/CPPWorkspace/Test1/main.cpp:1:
c:\mingw\include\stdio.h:788:34: error: '__off64_t' does not name a type; did you mean '__time64_t'?
 typedef union { __int64 __value; __off64_t __offset; } fpos_t;
mingw32-make.exe[1]: *** [Debug/main.cpp.o] Error 1
mingw32-make.exe: *** [All] Error 2 recipe for target 'Debug/main.cpp.o' failed
mingw32-make.exe[1]: Leaving directory 'C:/Users/Tutinha/Downloads/CPP/CPPWorkspace/Test1'
Makefile:4: recipe for target 'All' failed
====1 errors, 0 warnings====
Please help me.

Re: Can't Run (New to Programming)

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 5:15 pm
by eranif
Your code looks OK to me.
However, this is not related to CodeLite. CodeLite is not a compiler, you should seek help in MinGW forums