codelite 2.6.0 is available for download!

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codelite 2.6.0 is available for download!

Post by eranif »

Hi All,

I am happy to announce that codelite 2.6.0 is available for download.

Currently binaries are provided for Windows / Mac and Ubuntu 10.04 Linux (32 & 64 bit)
The Windows packages come in 3 flavours:
- IDE only
- IDE + MinGW (bundles gcc/g++ 4.4.1 + gdb 7.1 + WinAPI)
- IDE + MinGW (bundles gcc/g++ 4.4.1 + gdb 7.1 + WinAPI) + wxWidgets 2.8.10 (monolithic / shared debug and release / unicode)

New code completion help tip:

Release notes:
- Implemented FR#3012730: Copy line under cursor if no selection
- typo fixed in the download message
- Changed method names __min / __max into something more unique (cl_min & cl_max)
- New: Code-Completion: replacement table now supports regex, this can be done using the prefix: re:<regex>=<value>
this allows more complex pre-processing of codelite_indexer
- Fixed: codeltie can now resolve function with prototypes similar to this one:
PYAPI(PyObject*) PyObject_CallMethodObjArgs by using a regex based token replacement table
- Fixed: possible crash when opening the 'Synyax Highlight dialog' and a corrupted lexer file was loaded
- UI: Changed the default toolbar icon of the 'toggle multiple and single selection' action into something more clear (cursor)
- New: quick find bar: regular expressions find/replace now supprt back references replacements
- Upgraded scintilla version to 2.12
- Fixed: function type info tooltip for functions with the correct return value
- Continuation of patch ID: 30127: Copying without a selection: pasting a line that was copied without a selection (simply Ctrl-C without selecting any text) will cause the copied line to be inserted at the next line rather than at the current caret position (copy-allow-line will insert a \n at the end of the copied string, this will trigger the next-line-paste)
- "Match Brace" - it now works with any kind of braces
- Build configuration files: added regex to support GCC 'notes' (they will colored as warnings)
- applied patch to configure script to allow compiling codelite from within codelite when using wx-config tool which is not the default one (DavidGH)
- Fixed asserts under wx2.9 (DavidGH)
- Added new 'comment parser' for extracting comments from a given file and returns an object which maps comments / line
- New: Added new 'CC Help' window to the 'Output View'. When the Code Completion (CC) box is shown this window will show additional information on the selected item (e.g. line/file any comment associated with this completion entry/match pattern etc)
- Fixed: environment variables: when workspace is closed, always revert back to the "Default" set
- Function calltip: Incase the tooltip color is dark - the tooltip text color is now using the correct one (light one) based on system theme
- Debugger: set the tip text control to use the default system tip color
- Fixed: when overring a read-only file with execution permissions, codelite will now keep the exec permissions
- Fixed: if comment was found on the tag line, it will be used rather than the comment from one line above it
- Fixed: codelite colors are now more suited under Linux (no more pink codelite under Ubuntu 10.04)
- Fixed BUG#3022240: 'Tab' character in the commit dialog.
- Fixed BUG#3022240: 'Tab' character in the commit dialog (when the message is selected from the 'recent messages' drop down control)
- Added new Tokens to be ignored into the code completion Token's table (the tokens are: __nonnull, WINAAPI and WINBASEAPI)
- New: CodeFormatter: If a text is selected, the plugin will only format the selection. If there is no selection, the entire file is then formatted
- Fixed BUG#3020537: can't show other encoding in tooltips
- fixed: scope resolving is done correctly after 'case' statement with macro which has the form of a function (e.g. case wxT("something") :)
- Code Compleiton help tips ( the tips that shown to the right of the code completion box ) are now configurable via a little button which is placed on the 'CC Box' toolbar. It is ON by default
- New: FR#3025731: Find all result in a single file - added new option to the "Find In Files" dialog to allow searching in the "Current File"
- Fixed: Code completion now supports the 'subscript operator' so calls like this:
std::vector<std::string> v;
will now provide the correct completion
- Added Code-Completion-Tests workspace to be able to test the code completion in more efficient way (it only contains 3 tests atm, but this will rapdily grow)
- Updated windows packaging script to accept arguments on command line
- Fixed: CC Box now uses the correct cursor under Windows
- Changed: Subversion Plugin: double click on an entry in the 'Suversion View' will automatically create a diff against BASE revision. To open the file right click it and select 'Open File'
- Polished the code completion help tip (better coloring the keywords / added new features to the basic scintilla's tooltip like coloring adding certains keywords like @@LINE@@ which will be translated into horizontal line etc).
- Removed the parsed comments perfixes (// or /* etc)
- Fixed: under dark themes that uses dark tooltip BG colour, the divider drawn is now using a light colour
- CC: Added new test to check the completion of std::shared_ptr and using the overloaded operator ->
- Fixed: Code completion: macros replacement is done only the matched macro is a "whole word" (for example: dont repalce _T macro when matched against _Tp)
- New: fixed codelite_indexer to support template instantiation list. This will solve conflicts where codelite_indexer did not distinguished between the "template class" and an instantiation of the template class.
The following code was broken due to this:
template <class T>
class auto_ptr {
typedef T* element_type;
class auto_ptr<void> {
typedef void element_type;
In this example (taken from GCC auto_ptr class) codelite_indexer resolved auto_ptr::element_type into void rather than into 'T' which will break code completion
- Added new code completion tests framework
- New: code completion help tip now provides an up/down arrows to allow the user to scrol for all the overloading versions of the same entry in the completion box
- Fixed: the code completion tips now filters out implementations (in case the declaration exists)
- Code completion performance improvments (based on valgrind output):
- Added new call to GetSubscriptOperator + GetDerefereceOperator to reduce the calls to GetTagsByScope
- The tags preprocessors are now parsed only once they are really changed and not each time they are requested by the CC engine
- Changed wxsqlite3 conversion from wxString(c_str, wxConvUTF8) into wxString::From8BitData()
- Fixed: CC: adding a search path to the parser which is placed under the same root path of the workspace, causes the full retag to skip scanning and parsing files (in some cases)
- Word Completion: dont show matches that dont match the initial pattern
- Applied patch from Xavi: remove warnings + allow 'reaplce in files' output window to have sensative margins
- File View: Active project now uses a different icon in addition to the BOLD font (since some fonts are not very clear when in bold)
- Subversion: New: separated the 'Diff' context menu in the SUbversion View:
By double clicking an item in the 'Subversion View' the plugin will present a diff between the working copy and the latest HEAD, while choosing the 'Create diff...' option will allow the user to select from/to revisions fields
- New: Subversion: added new option 'Switch URL' which is similar to the command line 'svn switch <new URL>'
- Added Freeze()/Thaw() calls to the main frame upon startup
- Subversion: Diff dialog: set the focus to the 'From' field when first shown
- Further CC box performance improvements
- Removed the 'Outline' tab from the 'Workspace View'
*** If you really need this view, use the SymbolView plugin (which is disabled by default) ***
- General: reduced the tab's size a bit
- Deleted obsolete file (unistd.h)
- Fixed: regression: update the timestamp entry in the database for the 'last time file was tagged' field of the FILES table
- Fixed: Quick Outline dialog now uses theme colours when dark themes are used
- Fixed: possible crash in the parsing thread
- New: retag workspace is now done using a background thread. This removed the 'Build tags database...' progress dialog!
- Reduced flickering when updating the SymbolView plugin
- parser thread now checks to see if a shutdown request was requested during workspace parsing
- Fixed typo in log messages
- Fixed: BUG#3028274: Context Menu Item Duplication for MacBundler Plugin
- Minor fixes to the expression parser
- Fixed build warnings
- Fixed: retag workspace will now show accurate values for retagging progress
- Moved the last session reloading to after the main frame completed its initialization - this provide a smoother user experience when starting up codelite under Linux mainly
- Subversion: 'Switch URL' the dialog that pops up now sets the default value to the current URL
- Apply a fix that attempts to fix a focus problem under Linux where the keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-c/ctrl-v seems to be non functional) - this caused due to the fact that the editor "thinks" that it does not have the focus
- Fixed: under Linux, when starting codelite, some keyboard shortcuts are "lost" like Ctrl-/ (comment line), this is now fixed by re-applying the keyboard shortcuts after the main frame initialization. this however, does not fix the Ctrl-Shift-/ shortcut... (unless manually applying the keyboard shortcuts from the menu: settings -> keyboard shortcuts)
- Fixed: "Web Update" thread (the thread that checks whether a new version is available) is not calling the wxThread::TestDestroy() from time to time, otherwise it might cause codelite to hang

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