codelite 2.8 is available for download

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codelite 2.8 is available for download

Post by eranif »


I am happy to announce that codelite 2.8 is available for download.
This version fixes countless bugs, adds many little feature to ease the task of coding and especially provides a HUGE debugger interface improvements.

Source Forge download page:

Release notes:
codelite 2.8.0 - Change Log

- Fixed: Linux: syntax highlight were not saved between sessions
- UI changes to the Find In Files dialog
- New: codelite's 'Find In Files' now supports the following options:
- Skip matches find inside C/C++ comments
- Skip matches find inside C/C++ strings
- Fixed: BUG#3046616. See ... tid=979960 for more details
- bugfixes: 3059716
- Applied fixes to fix 2.9 compliation
- Changed: Editor Preferences -> C++ -> Doxygen: by default use '@' for doxy comments
- code completion: scope resolver now ignores extra tokens before the actual class name (.e.g class EXPORT MyClass {...}, class __declspec(dllimport) TheClass {...} etc)
- avoid auto hiding when clicking inside an editor if build is in progress
- try to load menu.xrc from user personal profile before loading the default menu file
- bugfixes: 3060237
- Subversion: fixed: dont use --non-interative for 'Resovle' command
- 'Find In Files': Added new option to allow colouring matches found in C/C++ comments with the C++ comment style (i.e. matches found in comments will be colored with green). The colour is taken from the C++ syntax highligh definition.
- Implemented: FR#3060169. See ... tid=979963 for more details
- Implemented FR#3059790 ... tid=979963
- Fixed: before opening a 'console' terminal, codelite will apply the active environment set so the new console will inherit them
- New: added new option to the editor's context menu: 'Serach -> Find References...' this functionality performs exactly as the 'Refactoring -> Rename Symbol', however it only displays the matches in a new output tab window (rather then performing the replacement ofc). It also displays only definite matches.
- Added new option 'Show Debug tab when debugging' to 'Global Editor Preferences -> Docking Windows' (patch by Rick C. Hodgin)
- Implemented: FR#3061156. See ... tid=979963 for more details
- Applied patch to prevent the editor to reposition itself to the active debugging line when editing/adding watches in the debugger pane (by Rick C. Hodgin)
- reverted a regression in the debugger, as described here: ... 4955#p4955
- codelite no longer uses the 'Untitled' as a reserved prefix for new documents (i.e. Untitled is now a valid document name
- Fixed: double clicking an item in the 'Locals' view will use the 'PreDefined' types where possible
- When closing an 'Untitled' modified document, codelite will no longer prompt to save changes
- New: Debugger: added the ability to define multiple 'PreDefined Types' tables, this will allow the user to select the set that suits him. (it is handy in environments that uses multiple versions of the same libraries but with different versions and implementation). A good example is that this feature can now enable user to switch between PreDefined types for wxWidgets28 and wxWidgets29 (the wxString type internals has been changed between those 2 versions)
- Fixed: assertion when opening files under Linux in debug build
- dont auto-hdie the build pane incase build was interupted
- Fixed: (regression) codelite now remembers the last open tab (DacidGH)
- Fixed: when loading a workspace, temporarily disable the 'link to editor' button (DavidGH)
- Fixed: temporary breakpoints persistency (DavidGH)
- Fixed: clicking inside the editor while the option to hide the ouptut pane when the editor gains the focus is ON, the caret position is remained where it should be
- Applied patch to allow user to center the caret in the editor to the middle line (Rick C. Hodgin)
- Implemented: Request to add "Copy Filename to Clipboard"
- Implemented: FR#3068270. See ... tid=979963 for more details
- added a test to examine whether a file can be retagged or not (based on the the first 4K bytes)
- code completion: don't display empty tooltips
- Fixed: BUG#3057980. See ... tid=979960 for more details
- Extended the 'dont hide the output pane unless it is...' functionality (Rick C. Hodgin): Implemented: FR#3076723. See ... tid=979963 for more details
- Fixed memory leak in SymbolView plugin (DavidGH)
- Dont trim caret line: Implemented: FR#3077982. See ... tid=979963 for more details
- Added support for fortran lexer (user needs to reload default lexer settings to see the new change from: settings -> synatx highligh and font -> click the 'Defaults' button) - Justin Albers
- Fixed assertion when opening a file when codelite is built in debug mode
- NEW: Applied patch to auto-display code completion box base on typed characters (patch by nemesis)
- Fixed: 'Open include file' works for file with upper-lower case characters
- modified the 'tags settings' dialog UI layout
- NEW: code completion: make the single choice insert a parameter (when a single choice is found, user can set whether codelite should insert it automatically, or display the completion box with a single entry) (patch by nemssis)
- Fix various assertions under wx29 (DavidGH)
- Removed unused code (DavidGH)
- Fixed: under linux, detect that a socket has been closed properly
- Fixed 100% CPU conumption incase renaming a file in a project which imported a binary file
- TabGroup code was not compiling with < wx2.8.8
- Recently opended workspace fixed to work with wx2.9
All fixed were provided by DavidGH
- bugfixes: 3076371
- Continous Build plugin now uses the default build system output windows (Build/Errors)
- bugfixes: 3085751. ... tid=979960
- Fixed: added support for user to provide a third party tool to convert path from cygwin into windows native paths. See: ... 7&start=10
- Fixed: warning in named_pipe code under Linux
- Changed the debugger settings dialog layout to consume less screen space
- bugfixes: 3082954. ... tid=979960
- Better fix for the long tooltip: wrap lines instead of truncating them
- Fixed: build error under Linux/Debug
- Applied patch to auto switch to the 'Errors' pane once a build has ended ... tid=979962
- Dont perform 'post/pre' build commands when 'clean' command is invoked for 'custom build' project
- bugfixes: 3082313. ... tid=979960
- Added new 'Dont annoy' checkbox to the 'Reload workspace' message (DavidGH)
- Added new configuration: WinRelease_29 for building codelite using wxWidgets29 (it mainly puts the objects under different directory)
- All codelite infrastructure libraries are now built as DLLs under Windows rather that static libraries
- Allow deleting pending breakpoints using the 'Delete All' button
- Add an existing item: try to match the location of the virtual folder to a real path on the disk
- Fixed wx29 assertion (DavidGH)
- Allow the editor to scroll beyond the end of the document (1 page) (Rick Hodgin)
- Debugger options dialog changed to 'tree control bool' style (for simplicity)
- Dont pass control to the user incase the debugger hits the temporary breakpoint set in main (for 'apply breakpoints after main hits' feature). Simply apply all user breakpoints and continue
- Debugger: Disable the cygwin option when running on non windows OSs
- Subversion: changed all text control in various controls to use wxTE_RICH2
- Main notebook: make sure that the order of tabs after modified using DnD is preserved when workspace is opened / loaded (DavidGH)
- Applied patch to configure script to allow providing alternate compilers using CXX / CC env variables (DavidGH)
- Env vars: environments variables can now contain comments (using the pound # sign) or be entirely commented
- Applied fix for wx > 2.9 to fix alpha problem in wxScintilla code
- Added wx29-dbg configuration (user still needs to define the environment variables to allow such build)
- Added missing 'Disconnect' calls to events registered for wxTheApp
- Fixed: assertions under wx29 from various wxFlexGridSizer (DavidGH)
- Improved performance for the following actions (under wx29)
. Find In Files with any of the C++ options enabled
. Reverse finding (Shift+ENTER)
. Use iterators where possible and avoid accessing to chars positions using GetChar
- NEW: Added an option to the 'New Class' dialog to set the name based on capitilization (e.g. class name: MyClassName will be generated in a file named: my_class_name.h/cpp)
- NEW: Class Wizard: options checked in the dialog are now persistent between codelite sessions
- resized the find in files dialog to fit in small screen computers
- Allow user to use environment variables before executing program / debugging program
- completion box: make sure that the completion box is hidden before launching another instance of it
- Plugins' will register their menu content only once (PLuginManager will make sure that it will be called only once per menu)
- Various codelite + wx29 changes:
. Fixed: quick outline dialog is now visible under wx29
. Fixed: reverse find is very slow under Linux / wxWidgets29
. Fixed: assertion on startup under wx29
. Fixed: navigation dialog now showing under wx29 (linux)
. Fixed: Performance improved of the editor under wx29
. Fixed: Remove the border from the quick outline dialog for wx < 2900
. Changed 'StringAccessor' to use std::wstring rather than wxString to overcome the performance issues under when using wx29
. PreProcessing: use wxString::iterator rather than direct index access (wx29 performance gains)
- NEW: Debugger: The watches AND the Locals tables are now using a list-tree-table like view (wxTreeListCtrl) -
it allow viewing complex structs expanded while debugging. In addition, any change will be marked in RED
- Implemented: FR#3092767. See ... tid=979963 for more details
- Debugger: added new option to the 'Watches' context menu to allow users to the change the display format per item in the tree
- Debugger: removed the 'Display Format' option from the debugger tip. This functionality is now duplicated (and improved) in the 'Watches' view
- Debugger: Locals view now honors the 'PreDefined' types (i.e. it will attempt to expand items according to the selected pre-defined type)
- NEW: Debugger: added 'Type' column to the Locals/Watches view
- Fixed: incremental search always makes sure that the match is visible even within folded code
- Fixed: assertion in 'Go To' line number when built against wx29
- New: When creating a new file using the dialog that suggests to create new file when the 'Swap Header / Impl' fails, codelite will place the new created file adjacent to its sibling
this is also true when the file already exists, it will be opened next to its sibling file (rather than appended at the end) (DavidGH)
- Fixed: updated gnu compilers to correctly parse errors which includes 'undefined reference' / 'fatal error'
- Added 'Refresh' button to the 'Locals' view to allow the user an option to refresh the view
- Assert fixes (DavidGH)
- NEW: Debugger: added an option to changed the watched variable value
- New: Added context menu to the 'Workspace View' even when no workspace is open. The context menu allows to open / create workspace
- Debugger: incase one or more tabs of the debugger window are visible make sure they are all updated
- Debugger: New: display the type of *all* the elements in tree (unlike the current behavior which displayed only for the root item)
- Implemented: FR#3098027. See ... tid=979963 for more details
- Rename Symbol: make it more user friendly: alert if the new name is similar to the current one, display status message, restore last edited file/line, gather all editing (per editor) in a 'BeginUndo' EndUndo calls (DavidGH)
- Debugger: changed the way gdb passes arguments to the debugee
- Removed un-needed 'Reparent' call done in Notebook control (DavidGH)
- Changed the the forking method under Linux / Mac to use terminal API (openpty / login_tty) rather then pipes to communicate the stdout/stderr/stdin from the processes to codelite
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Re: codelite 2.8 is available for download

Post by helloleoking »

Thanks for releasing. I made my CodeLite up to date at first time.
It works fine.
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