CodeLite v1.0.2128 is out

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CodeLite v1.0.2128 is out

Post by eranif »

CodeLite v1.0.2128 is out, and can be downloaded from here: ... _id=625981

This release highlights:
CodeLite version 1.0.2128 highlights from previous version (1.0.2060):

Implemented [ codelite-Feature Requests-2086461 ] Show total number of errors, warnings after compile
Fixed bug in 'Compile Single File' & Custom build where the working directory was not honored
$(*File*) related macros now converts the path/full path to use Unix style slashes ('/') on all platforms
Added virtual directory selector to the 'New Class' dialog, so user can select where to place his new class
applied patch to prevent 'find in files' to scan same file twice (in case it is added to the workspace twice)
user will no longer lose his settings of the debugger nor the compiler and plugins when upgrading to newer version of codelite
Implemented [ codelite-Feature Requests-2092921 ] A new workspace should have a release configuration as well
Non C++ files will also have an access to the plugins context menus (e.g. svn, unittest++ etc)
'Comment Line' menu option is now named 'Toggle Line Comment'. Incase the select line(s) are starting with comment, it will uncomment it, otherwise, it will comment it
Fixed: CodeCompletion box will try to adjust its X axis position to allow maximum visiblity
Implemented FR#[ 2095232 ] External Tools Icons - added option 'save all files before executing the tool'
New: Snippet Plugin by Frank Lichtner
Added 'Help' button in project settings to display list of macros
More flexiblity in the 'Tasks' tab to collect more TODOs
Changed FilePicker defaut filter to be * on Linux, while *.* on Windows
Fixed: Build output will print the project being built even when in custom build, this fixes an issue when setting a custom compiler + custom makefile causes codelite to dont use the custom compiler regexes for parsing the output
Improved the build system settings: user can now define the build pattern per file extension, from Settings -> Build Settings -> File Types tab, this is per compiler
Fixed: Quick Debug will now set all open editors breakpoint before debugging starts
Fixed: Bug#[ 2099787 ] "Corrupted WS" error message if missing - codelite will now display the correct error 'File '%s' is no longer exists'
Fixed: Retag workspace will now respect the ctags file masking (Jacek Kucharski)
Fixed: Task panel will now respect the selected editor encoding (Jacek Kucharski)
enabled workspace caching for the sake of code refactoring to enable boost in performance
Improved 'About' dialog, added another page which lists the main contributers to CodeLite
Applied patch to prevent CL from hanging when removing project (DavidHart)
Fixed: 'Tasks' tab will filter duplicate files
Updated 'Plugin' wizard to generate the plugin using hard coded name of the plugin author rather than setting it to wxGetUserName() - to prevent the one who compiled the plugin to mistakenly as the author of the plugin
Fixed: ctags misbehaved when literal strings were used as default values in function arguments
Fixed: better macro handling by Code Completion (when proper replacements are set in the Tags -> Preprocessors options field)
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Re: CodeLite v1.0.2128 is out

Post by rajah »

Hi Eran,

I just installed 2128. All the changes are very very welcome, esp the save
files for external tools, I was missing that feature. More reason to use CL
now. BTW, I introduced two of my friends to CL and they are loving it.
Keep up the good work. The new snippet plugin is also great. Its one of
those things that you did not know you needed. Once you use it, you wonder
how you lived without it. Thanks to the plugin developer too.

Great work guys,
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