CodeLite version 1.0.2247 is out

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CodeLite version 1.0.2247 is out

Post by eranif »

Hi All,

CodeLite version 1.0.2247 is out
Changes from revision 2128 to 2247:
- CodeFormatter dialog face lift
- Provide whitespace visibility option in view menu - ID: 2103341. Default accelerators are Alt-F1/F3
- New: user will no longer need to reload default settings of the keyboard shortcuts in order to see new entries, CodeLite will merge them automatically
- spelling fixes
- Fixed: Compiling a single file will execute the 'makeDirStep' first, this will prevent errors that used to occur when first time creating project and clicking 'Build' and compiler complained that it can not find *.o.d file
- Fixed: compiling single file, will also print the 'configuration' in the build output
- Replace Results panel: moved the 'replace with' and clear button to be above the find results
- Made 'Quick Debug' dialog resizable
- Remove 'Find / Replace in selection only' option from the 'Find' dialog.
- Implemented FR#[ 2103333 ] Provide option to make cscope search within project/workspac: CodeLite will now allow searching whithin the active project or the entire workspace
- Fixed: codelite will no longer will allows duplicate keyboard accelerators for actions, due to different order of keys: Ctrl-Alt-N is now equals to Alt-Ctrl-N
- Added an option to assign keyboard shortcuts to snippets
- Updated 'Code Formatter' options icon
- updated debugger icons
- Fixed crash when switching/closing workspace and CodeLite saves any modified files from the previous/closed workspace
- Fixed: codelite crash when attempting to debug a workspace with no active project (bug#2115749)
- Fixed: Bug#[ 2115741 ] import files without extension : pattern match not working
- Fixed: svn report status generated from the 'Workspace' view will no longer contain duplicate items
- Applied patch to fix recently used workspace order (David Hart)
- applied patch to reduce CPU usage of debugger (David Hart)
- CL will no longer assert when custom build is used and there is no clean command (David Hart)
- When any error occurs before the build process starts (e.g. empty build/clean commands) CL will ensure the build window is visible to view the error
- New plugin: wxFormBuilder - CodeLite integration with wxFormBuilder tool
- Fixed: CodeFormatter did not respect the indentation size set in Settings -> Editor
- Removed duplication option 'Use tab for indentation' which exist under CodeFormatter options & Settings -> Editor
- added new option to 'Find In Files': search in current file's project which allows scanning the files of the current editor's project
- CodeLite will no longer hide the panes when it opens a file using the right click menu
- added option to disable parsing of source file automatically when the file is saved (from Settings -> tags settings)
- Codelie will no longer tag files which are not valid ctags file (as defined the Settiings -> Tags Settings ... dialog)
- Fixed: Bug# [ 2127102 ] Syntax Highlight 'Apply' button does not work
- Fixed: Bug#[ 2122988 ] Over ride read only flag
- Fixed: Bug#[ 2127090 ] Commets bug? - adding extra '*' after <enter> hit in C style comment does not work properly
- Fixed: when resolving template classes, code completion search for 'T' in the tags database only has 'class' and 'struct' ("container") so, cases like defining enum {T, T1} will not break code completion
- Added new option: Show debugger terminal to debugger settings, this will allows user to send Ctrl-C events when using remote debugger (e.g. gdbserver)
- Implemented multiple custom targets for the 'Custom Build' option. This allows users to define N targets other than the built-in (Build, Clean) for example: make clean all, make distclean etc.
- Improved the the 'Custom Build' page - all targets are now gathered in a single list
- Fixed: Working directory for custom build was not calculated relative to the project path
- Fixed: FR#[ 1969595 ] Dialogs should retain their positions and size
- Applied patch: get user confirmation before reloading a modified file (DavidHart)
- Rename Symbols dialog will now set the default new name to be the old name (David Hart)
- Rename Symbols dialog will now displays the line number of the change instead of its position (David Hart)
- updated splash screen / about image to include the build number in the format of v1.0.<build_number>
- Fixed: Applied patch to 'replacemens' counter in replace dialog (David Hart)
- Fixed: Bug#[ 2140343 ] Incorrect CL Window Title update of external file modification, this bug was also true for the 'Rename Symbols' dialog
- Fixed: applied patch to clear the 'selection only' check box in 'Find Replace Dialog' in next search (David Hart)
- Fixed: applied patch the checks if the selected text is multi-line, and if it does, it is not set as the 'Find What' (in case 'search in selected text only' is ticked) - David Hart
- New: Added abbreviations plugin FR#[ 1791333 ] Macro expansion see ... tid=979963 for more details
- New: Added incremental search (Ctrl-K) (FF search bar, default is Ctrl-K)
- Fixed bug where in some cases, the makefile did not pick the correct configuration
- Added option in 'Settings -> Tags Settings ...' to select the types to be coloured (e.g. class, enum, struct etc.)
- Changed 'Highlight word' to be opaque rectangle
- Fixed: On GTK it looks like that editing post build command / pre build command will always uncheck it once the editing is done
- Fixed: FR#[ 2145388 ] Keep explicitly scoped names as plain identifiers
- Applied patch: [ 2146693 ] Missing WXDLLIMPEXP syms in codelite.xml.default
- Fixed assertions on saving many unmodified files using Ctrl-S (not 'Save All') which will cause CL to crash
- Fixed: Bug#[ 2056975 ] Opening different file with same name - if error occurs while building, CL will now open the correct file
- removed 'envrionement variables..' from the workspace context menu
- added 'retag workspace' to 'workspace' main menu
- applied patch to make the 'link to editor' functionality of the workspace tab optional based on a new toolar button
- Added new 'New version available' dialog which also shows the rlease notes
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Re: CodeLite version 1.0.2247 is out

Post by rajah »

Hi Irfan,

Thanks a lot for the new build. I am able to override the read-only flag now.
It makes is super convenient now. Keep up the good work Irfan.

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