CodeLite v1.0.2304 - is now out

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CodeLite v1.0.2304 - is now out

Post by eranif »

Hi All,

CodeLite version 1.0.2304 is now out and can be downloaded from sourceforge: ... _id=634740

Note: this release includes 2 Windows installer: one with mingw3.4.5 and one without it

Change log / Release notes:
Main changes from Revision 2247 --> 2304

- Added new 'New version available' dialog which also shows the rlease notes
- Fixed: environment variables dialog face lift
- Fixed: environment variables: when editing an existing environment variable's name it will be updated rather than adding new entry with the new name
- applied patch to provide a better scrollbar length to the main editor
- applied patch to FindReplace dialog - Search In Selection bug
- Fixed: source formatter options dialog now keeps its size/position
- Fixed: syntax highlight dialog now keeps its size/position
- Fixed: GTK only: debugger crash if debugger does not exist
- Fixed: changing the 'configuration' dropdown from the 'custom build' page, causes the items to be appended
- New: added option to select debugger binary per project configuration (project settings -> debugger)
- applied patch to enable DnD of tabs on GTK (David Hart)
- minrot adjustments to Tags options dialog
- fixed: bug#[ 2155334 ] Custom build do not build custom when executed as dependency
- Implemented FR#[ 2155692 ] Mark files and dirs in file explorer that contribute tags - by sdolim
- Fixed: building custom build target will now execute the target of the selected project and not the active one
- Fixed: bug# [2157082] A failed remote debugging session leaves debug mode active.
- Fixed bug that in some cases under certain conditions, the 'Selected configuration' dropdown and 'Configuration manager->workspace configuration' lost sync. this was due to marking both configurations as active in the workspace file
- fixed cut/paste error in fileexplorertree
- gdb plugin: updated 'connection refused' regex to fit linux output from gdb
- changed FreeConsole() method to use wxSIGKILL instead of wxSIGTERM
- Fixed: fixed a debugger regression which caused the debugger to stop functioning on GTK and kept persistent xterm windows
- implemented FR#[ 2158522 ] Add a "Home" button to file view trees - patch by sdolim
- Incase corrupted project is encountered, user is now able to continue loading the workspace w/o it, or abort loading of the workspace
- starting the search in the 'find in files' dialog with the ENTER key will now properly adds the search string to the history (like it does for mouse click on 'Find' button)
- Fixed: BUG#[ 2158533 ] Tiny inconsistency in project sorting - file view in workspace pane and configuration manager now displays the list of projects in the same order
- added new 'Tag' kinds to the 'Tags Settings' dialog to allow CodeLite to colour them as well
- replaced C:\Program Files with %ProgramFiles% in update.bat file
- New: Hyperlink-style navigation for tags Use Ctrl-Click to jump to declaration OR Ctrl-Alt-Click to jump to implementation
to choose jumping using mouse middle button, select it from Settings -> Editor
- [ 2164328 ] Remove excess whitespace in call tips - by sdolim
- added installer to include mingw as well
- added code that tries to auto-detect C:\MinGW-3.4.5 directory and adds it to the path (Windows Only)
- applied patch to add the 'scope' to the navigation bar - by sdolim
- added new 'Search...' option to the 'Explorer' tab, this will launch the 'Find in Files' dialog with the path already set to the selected tree node - patch by sdolim
- applied patch to enable 'scroll on output' for the 'Find Results', 'Build', 'Output' and 'Debug' tabs. when enabled, codelite will auto-scroll to the last added lines - patch by sdolim
- added option to choose between Ctrl-Alt-Click/Ctrl-Click and Mouse middle/Ctrl-Mouse Middle for quick code navigation, this mainly aimed for Mac users, where Ctrl-Click is used to trigger the context menu. This option can be selected from Settings -> Editor -> General tab
- (De)Selecting to use the '@' character in the Settings -> Editor -> C++ comment, will automatically update the class/function patterns as well
- Implemented: FR#[ 2157059 ] Allow Prebuild and Postbuild in Custom Build configurations
- Implemented FR#[ 2170786 ] "Add Tags..." in file explorer context menu
- added 2 new buttons in the tags wizard: 'Check all' and 'clean'
- codelite will try to find a better match in case of same file names with different paths while using custom makefile and paths are not absolute
- Bug#[ 2172579 ] Status bar field for ext db not updated correctly -patch by sdolim
- Implemented FR#[ 2173163 ] Insert selected text into quick nav bar - patch by sdolim
- Implemented FR#[ 2172996 ] Add context menu to Open Windows tab - patch by sdolim
- implemented: FR#[ 2157056 ] Allow 'general' settings for Custom Build configurations
- enhanced hyper link nabigation to include 'open workspace file' - patch by sdolim
- Implemented FR#[ 2175200 ] Track running builds in the status bar - patch by sdolim
- Fixed build g++ compiler error regex to ignore compiler output in form of:
/home/user/Projects/DevIO/devicecomm/ResponseFilter.cpp:25: instantiated
from here, otherwise it was considered and marked as error (patch by RJP Computing)
- Changed default settings for wxFormBuilder items to be i18n

PS: Mac / Linux32 will be uploaded soon.

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Re: CodeLite v1.0.2304 - is now out

Post by valiyuneski »

Ubuntu x86_64 Intel version needed,
can you uoload please


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Re: CodeLite v1.0.2304 - is now out

Post by eranif »

valiyuneski wrote:Ubuntu x86_64 Intel version needed
It is already there, and was from the first day I uploaded the releases.

Ubuntu 32: ... se_mirror=

Ubuntu 64: ... se_mirror=

Windows 32: ... se_mirror=

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