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codelite 5.0 is available for download

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 11:49 pm
by eranif

I am happy to announce that codelite 5.0 is available for download!
Thanks to all the people who contributed for this release

Linux changes
As of codelite 5.0, Linux binaries are available for download only from our repository
This Linux repository already includes wxCrafter so there is no need to install it separately

Windows / Mac
Binaries can be downloaded from SourceForge

wxCrafter installation:
First, you must install codelite-5.0, once you have installed codelite-5.0 download the plugin installer from here: and follow the installer instructions.

Download the bundle from and simply replace the bundle you have

KNOWN ISSUE (Already fixed in trunk):
When creating a new project, make sure you select a project type from the left side tree of the "New Project" dialog or codelite will crash

Change Log:
CODELITE 5.0 RELEASE DATE: Jan, 26 - 2013



Debian / Ubuntu (including wxCrafter plugin):

Fedora / OpenSUSE (including wxCrafter plugin):

wxCrafter plugin is avilable from here:

Rest of the downloads are avilable from SF (Windows / Mac / Source tarball)

General changes:
Windows: MinGW suite used and packaged is 4.7.1-TDM
Linux: codelite uses wxWidgets 2.9.4

New plugins:
* wxCrafter is available for download from here: wxCrafter is a GUI RAD plugin which allows developing wxWidgets applications
* Zoom Navigator - a "minimap" to show the current editor text

Major changes:
* Git plugin re-written
* Build tab re-written
* New Reconcile Project functionality introduced
* Import files dialog re-written
* Implement all-unimplemented, implement inherited {pure} virtual functions - re-written
* Subversion plugin updates (Commit dialog offers a built-in diff per file)
* Various updates to code completion (better C++11 intialisation, better support for code completing header files in clang)
* Quick code nagivation using Shit-Click / Shift-Right Click (configurable)
* New welcome page
* New "New Project" dialog

* Added ability to automatically locate the best code generation insertion point for both function implementations and declarations
* Improved: Add function impl, Add Inherited {pur}virtual functions, Move Function impl: the functions body is placed in a more "correct" location in the source file. Until now, the functions implementations were placed at the bottom of the file, with this fix; the files are placed after the last occurance of the given scope function:
<== New functions will be added here

* Fixed: debugger: Honor the user breakpoint on the first line of 'main' even if the option 'Place breakpoints after main function is hit' is enabled
* WorkspaceView is now using the exact same image-mime-type as the "FileExplorer" view. This change allows the WorkspaceView to display proper icons for various file types (e.g. xrc, exe, so, dll etc) and not only the limited set it used to display
* Added new icon for "Resources" *.res
* Added new mime-type to codelite: sql files
* git plugin: Don't create-and-Hide() the wxProgressDialog until its needed.
* Updated clang.dll for Windows
- Removed 'Errors' tab
* 'Build' tab re-written (Mac and MSW only) it is now using wxDataViewCtrl instead of wxScintilla based control and is using a more moden look
* New Build Tab: added small toolbar which allows to save the build log into a file + clear the build output
* New build tab: prompt the user in case codelite could not resolve the file name
* Allow plugins to handle "Save" command from the menu
* Fixed rare hang when gdb produces huge output even though the gdb process terminated
* Remove '-mwindows' from non-MSW linking options wherever in the line it appears.
* Don't segfault when trying to delete multiple projects.
* clang code completion: since the move to 'coedlitegcc' some of the code completion options in the project settings and the workspace settings are no longer required.
* Applied patch to improve code formatter to its latest version (it's support some c++11 features like range-based for).
* Also code formatter dialog changed - settings separeted into different tabs - by NilC
* Wrap custom build commands that includes Pre/Post builds in a script / bat file instead of using Makefile. This will make sure that codelite executes the commands as the user intended
* Linux: codelite is now using wx29 under Linux as well
As part of the change, codelite repository and will offer wxWidgets packages for building codelite)

* Refactored the code-completion box (due to the migration to wxWidgets 2.9.4 under Linux)
* Linux: fixed main editor's navigation dialog (Ctrl-TAB)
* Moved codelite main editor code to use wxStyledTextCtrl instead of the wxScintilla. To use this code under Windows, one needs to patch wxWidgets 294 or wait until I will upload a patched wxWidgets
* Created a custom code completion box tooltip that support a very basic markup language and can define a wxSpinCtrl to allow rotating between overloaded functions signatures. The markup syntax that is currently supported in this tooltip:?\011 + <b> - for bold text
+ <code> - use monospaced font
+ <hr> - draw horizontal ruler
+ <color>

* Fixed mem leak
* New codelite plugin wizard: remove all DOT and DOTDOT from the include paths
* CC tip window: if the tip can not fit on the LEFT side of the completion box, move it back to the right side
* moved clang code completion error tips to use the new tip window
* Fixed bug#814.
* when workspace is closed, clear clang TU cache
* Alphabetically sort the items displayed in the tabgroup pane.
Not many people will have lots of tabgroups but, for those who do, make it easier to locate a particular one.
* Make the Workspace View remember the order of its tabs
* Updated Abbreviations plugin (NilC)
* Added 'Import Files From Svn' functionality which allows one to sync the project with files from the SVN (it will add any new files that were added to the SVN to the project). It also offers a way to exclude files by their extension (binary files are autoamtically filtered out) - by Ken Bertelson
See here:

* Applied patch to allow various chars in the project names
* Fixed bug#813.
* When using wxAuiNotebook, make sure that the workspace tabs order is saved properly when codelite exits
* Shift-Click (configurable) on a word inside the editor takes you to the word definition (similar to eclipse)
* Holding Shift while hovering words -> a hyperlink is shown clicking it jumps to its definition
* Holding Shift while RIGHT CLICK -> opens a small menu with 2 options: Goto Impl / Goto Decl
* Resource compiler is always enabled under Windows / disaled under other OSs
* Possible fix to
* Fixed: better handling of files with BOM (Byte Order Mark)
* Fixed bug#830.
* Fixed bug#818.
* codelite can now handle cygwin file paths in the build output under Windows. Note: the file paths must be in full path for codelite to understand them
* Avoid attempting to translate ""
* When build starts, restore the output pane to its last known visible size
* Debugger tooltip and watch table now honor the 'cast char[] to char*'
* Fixed bug#829.
* By default, prevent wxWidgets asserts in CodeLite release builds
They will still happen in debug builds. Both behaviours can be overridden by configuring --enable-asserts or --disable-asserts.
* Also, update the wx version check to >=2.9.4
* When going to a build-error editor line, ensure it's visible. In particular unfold it if needed.
* Make 'Add include file' more intelligent
At present it prepends to any existing #includes. If there aren't any it inserts at line 1, which is likely to be before any copyright block or include-guard.
Make it skip those, and append to any existing #includes.
* clang code completion: moved the clang compilation database creation into a separate thread
* Replace wxLogMessage calls with CL_WARNING ones in PluginManager::Load
* Avoid 'cygpath' spams under linux
* Compilation fix for wx2.9.5
* Add stubs for two new pure virtual wxAuiTabArt methods.
* GDB: use -thread-info command instead of the CLI 'info thread' command to get list and info about running threads
* Fixes
* Make the autocompletion of quotes less stupid
* Prevent autocompletion of single or double quotes if the next char is alnum. This makes it possible to add quotes around an existing string without having to remove the unwanted duplicates.
* Plugin manager: don't offer to restart if there aren't any changes
* Applied a patch from Tihiy that fixes Previously clicking OK when there were no actual changes triggered the "Restart now" message.
* Fixes
* Virtual directory selector: added new button 'New..' that allows the user to create new virtual folder directly from the selector dialog
* Virtual Directory Selector: Added tooltip to the 'New..' button
* Fixed wxDateTime compilation warnings (scott furry)
* Fixed: closing an inactive tab does not clear the outline view
* Fixed: closing and re-opening the same now shows the tags as they should in the outline view
* Added GTK(MM) project templates for codelite (mainly for Linux)
* Added GTK(MM) 3.0 project templates for codelite (mainly for Linux)
* DatabaseExplorer Patch by Michal Bliznák:
1) Some missing SQL keywords added to wxSTC highlighted words
2) Fixed closing of database view properties dialog
3) Fixed various issues in database table properties dialog
4) SQL command for whole ERD can be copied to the clipboard by using ERD's context menu
5) Fixed code generation for "real" data type columns
6) Other minor GUI improvements
7) Db explorer: extended the context menu
* Fixed: workaround a crash due to wxWidgets bug under ubuntu where codelite crashes with __cxa_pure_virtual exception in wxSocket_Input method, see this open bug report:
* Applied patch that allow reloading files modified externally even if the modified time is lower than the current modified time stored in the open editor (path by Rosch)
* Updated the local stc.cpp file with flicker patch
* Fixed
* Added context menu to the new build output tab
* added 2 new buttons to the build output tab:
1. copy build output to clipboard
2. open the build output in an empty editor
this functionality is also available in a context menu
* New Class Dialog: when clicking on the 'add parent -> more' button, the open resource dialog that opens will only suggests entries of type 'Class' / 'Struct'
* Fixed abbreviation accelerator command ID (by Rosch)
* Fixed: Code Completion: better handling for right-side const for function return value
* Fixes
* New Class Generator: don't include virtual d-tor when enabling the option to 'implement all parent virtual functions'
* Fixes
* An attempt to fix duplicate breakpoints in codelite
* Fix typo in Tags Settings dialog; see
* Updated the 'New project' dialog to use new UI layout
* When creating new project of type 'wxCrafter' prompt the user if the plugin is not installed
* Updated installer to pack MinGW-TDM-4.7.1
* Improved DBE explorer plugin (class generators + UI minor changes) - by michalb
- Format code after code generator
- Use setters getters
- DBE explorer: fixed formatting of generated code
* Added the new constant _GLIBCXX_NOEXCEPT to the ctags constants list
* New: the 'build' button in the toolbar now has a drop-down menu with various command options
* wxGTK/wxMac: Don't clobber ~/.gdbinit when starting the debugger.
* Support for C++11 initialization
For example:
std::vector<int>a {0};
* Fixes
* Redesigned the workspace/project local editor preferences
It now uses a tree-like notebook to display the various options
* Minor change to the Find In Files dialog
* Moved Find In Files dialog design to wxC from wxFB
* Fixed workspace tab order when loading codelite
* Abbreviations plugin: abbreviations are now kept separatly from the global configuration. This is to allow users to easily share there abbreviations
* Updated the abbreviation settings dialog + added an option to export / import
* code completion settings are now fully "mergable" - user will no longer lose data when upgrading codelite
* Redesigned the "Import Files From Directory Dialog"
* GIT plugin: UI redesigned and improved usability:
- Added new tab in the output view
- Added tree-view (similar to SVN)
- Added an ability to clone repo directly from the plugin
- Exposed all its functionality in a new toolbar placed inside the Git console

* New feature: the ability to reconcile the selected project's file contents with filesystem reality.
Files that no longer exist are presented for removal. Existing files not currently in the project are tentatively allocated to the most suitable virtual directory: first by any user-supplied regex; then (for source/header files) to any subdir called src, include or similar; and finally by any direct match (foo/bar/baz.txt going to a VD ;foo:bar). Any remaining files are shown on the 'project' root page; if selected the user is asked which VD to use.
Make VirtualDirectorySelectorDlg optionally display only a single project.
* clang code completion: if a file has no compilation entry in the compilaton database, use the first file that has and is located under the same directory
* clang code completion: codelite will now alert when the compilation db version is not found or not to-date
* Use relative paths where possible in the generated makefile
* Fixed: bug when generating object list too long for Windows "ECHO" command to handle
* New: re-implemented the "Implement all-unimplemented functions" dialog
* New Implement Functions Dialog: show the function name + signature in the view
* Updated codelite splash screen
* Refactored the 'Implement all un-implemented' functions dialog
* Make it possible to alter the alpha setting for 'Highlight matching word'
* Fixes
* Changed the build button drop down menu default options from 'Build Active Project' etc to ' Project Only -> Clean' . Project Only -> Build
* Implement folding within the selection.
* This does a recursive, deep folding, as opposed to the standard fold-only-the-top-level. It makes it possible to select and fold an area of code, then use mouseclicks to selectively unfold the areas of interest.
Make wxTerminal more user-friendly.
1) With the default theme, currently any selection disappears when the contextmenu is shown. Fixed by setting the foreground colour as well as the background.
2) Make the keyboard accelerators for Cut/Copy/SelectAll work. Also Delete using the DEL key (as Delete can't be assigned a key in CL), but only for deleting any selection.
* git: Applied LC_ALL to C in GIT
* git: Applied GIT_MERGE_AUTOEDIT to no
* Created new 'Welcome Page'
* Improved the default compiler generated by codelite
* Build settings: the 'Make' command is now part of the compiler toolchain. With this approach, one can define a complettly different compiler suits (mingw / cygwin)
* Filexplorer : when selecting the option: "Open with default application", codelite will apply the environment variables + change directory to the file's path before excuting the command
* code completion: the orders of variables is now sorted by their importance: locals / scoped / globals
* Make the Workspace View 'Tabs' pane contents alphabetical sorting optional.
* Subversion: the commit dialog now contains a diff preview per file
* codelite's lexer object now has a function 'Apply' that accepts wxSTC control and it will apply all its settings on that wxSTC control
* Changed debugger tooltip to use wxPopupWindow instead of wxDialog
* Added ZoomNavigator plugin
* added 2 registry keys for codelite installer
* Windows installer: use the registry key to offer the same installation folder as previous versions

Re: codelite 5.0 is available for download

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 2:56 am
by fotis
Thanks for the release! Your hard work is really appreciated!

Re: codelite 5.0 is available for download

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:15 am
by SlimFast
eranif wrote:I am happy to announce that codelite 5.0 is available for download!
The long awaited, finally... and what a major milestone. Thanks a bunch! :-)

Re: codelite 5.0 is available for download

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 9:50 pm
by SuperV1234
Fantastic. Thank you!

Re: codelite 5.0 is available for download

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:06 pm
by SoleSoul
Thank you for the great application.
Simple and effective.

I prefer CodeLite for C++ and Gtk over any alternative for Linux right now.

Re: codelite 5.0 is available for download

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:15 am
by wuffe
Is it just me or are the Ubuntu builds not ready yet ?
I added the repos as described but no updates are found.
Also attempting to download manually from only suggests the src.tar.gz

Re: codelite 5.0 is available for download

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:24 am
by eranif
wuffe wrote:Is it just me or are the Ubuntu builds not ready yet ?
I added the repos as described but no updates are found.
Also attempting to download manually from only suggests the src.tar.gz
We no longer provide binaries for Linux on sorceforge.

Make sure you add the repositories as described here:

Note that we switched the repositories today from:

to :


Re: codelite 5.0 is available for download

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:33 am
by wuffe
Thanks - that worked :-)
eranif wrote:
wuffe wrote: Make sure you add the repositories as described here:
Well I did - and did numerous rechecks during all day - but that was before you changes the repo urls
Anyway it works now.
eranif wrote:
wuffe wrote: Also attempting to download manually from only suggests the src.tar.gz
We no longer provide binaries for Linux on sorceforge.
Well I think that it is a shame - I would like to save the pkgs for possible offline installation
Since the repo dirs do not allow directory listings and not knowing much about deb repos - could you share an example of a direct download url for eg the ubuntu packages.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards Uffe :-)

Re: codelite 5.0 is available for download

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:43 am
by eranif
For ubuntu, apt already cached the binaries for you under:
But also notice that codelite's deb now requires libwx2.9 (which was already donwloaded from our repo for you)


Re: codelite 5.0 is available for download

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:21 pm
by spaces
I really love the new graphics elements, this IDE is really getting somewhere now.

If only the Navigation bar would work correctly. Lazy wx guys.

Anyway thanks for the release and I appreciate your hard work!