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CodeLite 1.0.2419

Post by eranif »


I happy to release codelite v1.0.2419!

Download: ... _id=284428

Release Notes:
Main changes from previous version 1.0.2304 to 1.0.2419:

First of all, I believe that this release is the first one that I (Eran Ifrah) did not implemented
most of its functionality but mostly it was contributed by CodeLite users (mainly, Scott Dolim)
So thanks!

- ***New*** SymbolView plugin - this plugin allows to view the symbols for the entire workspace.
It is loaded as 'Disabled' by default. You will need to enable it if you choose to use it:
Plugins -> Manage Plugins -> and enable SymbolView.

- ***New*** External database management UI from Tags -> Manage external databases...

- ***New*** Windows now include an additional installer which bundles codelite+mingw345+wx_289 (built as monolithic dll, unicode for

- ***New*** Mac Look and feel improved *a lot*

- ***New*** Full screen mode

- ***New*** Passing line number on the command-line. User can now pass --line=# or -l,/l run codelite --help for more details

- ***Fixed*** Many performance improvements (in makefile generation, opening / closing settings dialogs and other areas)

- ***New*** SVN status report got a face lift

And many many bug fixes - see change log for complete list.

Change Log:
- Changed default settings for wxFormBuilder items to be i18n
- applied patch to allow using pgup/pgdown in CC box - by Rodrigez G
- applied patch FR#[ 2190610 ] Show in Workspace/Explorer -> added option to the tab's context menu 'Show In Explorer/Show In Workspace' - Scott Dolim
- Fixed: When applying patch using the svn plugin, the temporary .tmp file is now removed at the end of the operation
- added new 'Dialog with default buttons' to wxFormBuilder plugin
- Fixed the 'NewWxProject' dialog size + added tooltips - David Hart
- Removed admin privilages from windows installer scripts, this will allow installing CodeLite without the need to be an admin
- Fixed: When using larger fonts, in the 'New Inheritance' dialog partially hides some of the controls in it
- Improved 'New Item' dialog
- Applied patch which separates the handling of IO output from stderr/stdout, this fixes incorrect behavior of the svn diff command on Linux - patch by Scott Dolim
- Fixed: [ 2193027 ] svn status bug - by Scott Sdolim
- Fixed: [ 2193199 ] makefile generator bug - by Scott Sdolim
- added: assert exit abort NULL keywords to the default keywords list of the C++ lexer
- added 3 new events to allow plugins to intercept the parser thread events
- [ 2192598 ] Diagnostic message for dynamic library load errors - by Scott Dolim
- fixed: bug #2195939 - svn diff EOL bug - patch by Scott Dolim
- Implemented: FR#[ 2002842 ] A trim line option would be great
- Added new option 'Restart Debugger' - patch by cenix
- Applied patch: [ 2196070 ] Use DockablePane with or without a notebook - by Scott Dolim
- Moved WindowStak to Plugin project
- Applied patch to support right margin in the editor (Scott Dolim)
- removed warning from code
- Fixed: [ 2198510 ] Default compiler error regex doesn't allow spaces
- Implemented FR#[ 2157073 ] Make bracket-matching optional
- Added new 'Tags Management UI which allows users to quickly switch between several tags databases. Also, it provides some information on the tags database source and allows to fix in-correct paths
- applied patch to add 4th indetation visibility (indentation only (Scott Dolim)
- separated between document tab and indentation tab (Scott Dolim)
- fixed editor settings dialog control alignments
- Fixed: ctags now handles extern members declared inside namespace
- patched ctags to support extern members see bug #[ 1916737 ] no code completition for std::cout and std::cin
- Fixed a mix in the custom project post and pre build commands
- Fixed: On Mac 'Add Tags..' from the context menu of the explorer tab, launched multiple 'Create tags database' wizards
- Huge performance improvment in makefile generation code (wxGetOsVersion() was a big performance impact)
- the time that takes to dismiss the 'Editor's settings' dialog was reduced by factors
- Build tab now adjusts the scrollbar width accroding to the output in the screen
- Applied enhancements to the 'SVN status report' - Scott Dolim
- added some code validation to prevent whitespaces in project name
- Fixed: bug# [2186025] Multiline C++ style comments in tooltips uncomplete
- Fixed: debugger tooltips will not display tips with \r, \n properly
- New: added 'Run to cursor' functionality to the gdb debugger (from within the editor's context menu)
- evaluate button in the 'Quick Watch' dialog is now the default button, which means: hitting enter on that dialog is identical to click 'Evaluate'
- FR#[ 2214787 ] More SVN Report Enhancements - Scott Dolim
- Fixed: bug#[ 1993125 ] normal windows outside the screen
- Fixed: regression: codelite started to clear the selection upon file saving
- Fixed: regression: if a breakpoint was set, after saving codelite added a bookmark on top of the breakpoint
- double click on 'tags' entry in the tags management ui, will set it as the active one
- attempting to open a file name which has relative path, will convert it to absolute path
- further fixes to allow opening file with relative paths when using custom build
- Fixed: FR#[ 2215401 ] Build/Rebuild and Clean shows same title
- Moved the Workspace View toolbar to the top of the pane rather on the bottom, this saves a lot mouse traveling
- reduced the time needed to save the syntax highlight dialog significantly
- Fixed (partially): Bug#[ 2211181 ] "Go to" stuff and CodeCompletion not work after some charact
- Added new 'Defaults' button in the syntax highlight dialog - which allows user to restore the syntax highlight the factory defautls
- Changed all wxMessageBox messages to use '_' macro instead of wxT this to allow translation of CodeLite (step #1)
- Fixed: CodeLite will now set LD_LIBRARY_PATH when launching command (project settings -> general tab) (Linux only)
- Applied patch for changes required for the 'SymbolView' plugin - Scott Dolim
- added SymbolView to 'Plugins' workspace
- Added SymbolView as part to the Workspace
- updated configure, and to properly build/package the new plugin
- added SymbolView to global codelite workspace
- Fixed: code completion was broken after expressions of type something = cond ? do1: do2;
- once this statement was found, code completion was broken until end of file
- Implemented: FR#[ 2221491 ] Passing line number on the command-line. User can now pass --line=# or -l,/l run codelite --help for more details
- Implemented: FR#[ 2174043 ] Provide Full Screen View Option (Alt-M, configurable from settings -> keboard shortcuts...)
- added new button the 'workspace view' toolbar which opens the active project settings
- added SymbolView plugin to the build scripts/packaging scripts
- SymolView plugin is loaded disabled by default
- Updated the 'New external database' wizard's bitmap with new one which matches the new CodeLite colours
- Applied performance patch for the 'SymbolView' plugin - Scott Dolim
- Added EXPORT to ignore pre-processor list
- Fixed: using scope operator (::) code completion will also display inner namespaces
- Removed '[prototype]' from functions prototypes in the 'Outline' view. User can now tell if it a prototype or implementation by the font of the enttry: italic means prototype while normal means implemenation
- Fixed: debugger memory view displayed incorrect ascii dump (hex values were correct)
- SymbolView: Applied patch to fix sort ordering (ctor-dtor comes first)
- SymbolView: Handled cases where scope may not come before its children
- SymbolView: When clicking on the 'link to editor' button, the drop button is hidden, else it is shown
- added 'In Shudown' flag to manager to avoid firing events to some plugins incase of codelite shutting down
- Applied anonymous enum patch in SymbolView plugin - Scott Dolim
- Fixed: docking windows are now saved / loaded properly. This was broken due to recent changes in the detachable panes API
- added wxTheApp->Yield() to make sure that the wxBusyInfo messages are displayed properly
- Improved performance for colouring keywords - Scott Dolim
- Fixed: regression bug in Auto-hide build pane functionality
- Added 'Ctrl-Shift-D' & 'Ctrl-Shift-H' as default accelerators for insert doxy comment & rename symbol
- Fixed: CodeLite's Plugin wizard now points to the correct path on Linux/Mac
- Fixed: removing project from the workspace wil not cause CodeLite to build the default 'Debug' configuration - although another workspace configuration is selected (e.g. 'Release')
- added new 'custom-makefile' template project
- Some code refactoring
- Added Alt-ENTER for searching backward in incremental search - Scott Dolim
- Fixed regression bug: compiling single file now properly displays the 'Build' tab
- Displaying the 'navigation bar' also udpates the scope when first time displayed
- Added Gizmos functionality to the Plugins menu
- Added new option to allow only single toolbar
- added 'UnitTest' plugin functionality to menu
- added new option in 'Editor settings' Use single toolbar' this is useful mostly for Mac users who wish to have CodeLite look and feel as native Mac application
- Update plugin template code to support the new 'AllowToolbar()' API
- (MSW) Updated codelite to update WXCFG && WXWIN if the installer used included mingw+wx. This will make it easier on new users to install and work with WX & MINGW on Windows
- Added new installer for WX/MinGW/CodeLite
- CodeLite will query parameters in the registry only if they exists
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Re: CodeLite 1.0.2419

Post by Lordl »

Hi Eran,
Nice to hear about this new version. You have been doing an awesome job with CodeLite. Already downloading this new version...
Thank you and keep up the good work...
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