[Announcment] codelite 5.1 is available

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[Announcment] codelite 5.1 is available

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Hi all,

We are happy to announce that codelite 5.1 is available for download

The Linux packages will be uploaded today
The Windows / Mac packages are available as usual through our sourceforge download page

In addition, wxCrafter (wxWidgets RAD plugin) 1.1 was also released (the old wxCrafter will not work with codelite 5.1)
You can download it from our dedicated download page

codelite change log:
| CODELITE 5.1 RELEASE DATE: March 20, 2013 |

| http://codelite.org/LiteEditor/Repositories|


Debian / Ubuntu (including wxCrafter plugin):

Fedora / OpenSUSE (including wxCrafter plugin):

wxCrafter plugin is avilable from here:

Rest of the downloads are available from SF (Windows / Mac / Source tarball)

Change Log

* codelite is now built using CMake
* Added support for strong enums parsing by codelite_indexer
* Fixed a crash when creating a project without selecting its type.
Welcome Page: disable the 'Recent workspace/files' buttons when there is no
history. Also, removed the menu title, as it was confusing for some people
* Fixed: Zoom Navigator plugin consumes 100% CPU when there are no open files
* Applied various FreeBSD fixes:
https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/feat ... uests/592/ (by Pietro Cerutti)
* Enable git settings even if there is no active repo
(on Windows, you might want to set different path to git executable)
* Moved all QMake plugin GUI to use wxCrafter from wxFB
Fixed qmakesettings dialog did not show the select qmake binary
* Disable the 'OK' button in the ' New QMake Project ' dialog unless a project
name is set AND a valid path is set
* codelite-clang: when parsing a file and creating a TU,
make sure that the flag 'CXTranslationUnit_DetailedPreprocessingRecord' is
also passed to clang_parseTranslationUnit
* Updated codelite.pot
* Added a Czech translation from Miroslav Kučera
* Increase the default number of items to display in the CC box to 250
(up from 50, still configurable)
* Added "noexcept" to the list of ignore tokens by codelite's CC
* code completion results are now ordered in a more user friendly way:
public first, followed by protected and last private,
each group is also sorted A-Z
* CC box now displays the full function signature and all options
https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/feat ... uests/581/
* Added new syntax highlight theme "Zmrok-like"
* The code completion box uses the same fg/bg colours as the active theme
* Git: the tree view should display deleted files
* Git: modified new file is now shown properly in the tree view
* Synchronize between the entry selected in the code completion box and the
function that is displayed after the code completion box is dismissed
* Added new icon set dedicated to codelite's dark themes
* Updated code completion tooltip (it now looks similar to NetBeans)
* Added new event type: wxEVT_CL_THEME_CHANGED - this event is sent when the
theme is modified by the user
codelite will make sure that all core windows will update their colors
accordingly, while it is the plugin reponsbility to update their windows
(by handling this event)
* Removed the style wxDV_ROW_LINES from the GitConsole
(the colors seems to be hard coded in wxWidgets and does not work well in
dark theme)
* CppChecker: fixed: double click a message should now open the file properly
* Fixed: https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/bugs/877/
Also, don't allow no meta key to be none, if no meta key is
selected force 'shift'
* Fixed: https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/bugs/875/
* Fixed: https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/bugs/872/
* Welcome Page: use '@' instead of '-' to separate the filename from its
name in the popup menu
* CodeFormatter: make sure that the file asyle.sample is installed
CodeFormatter: use the LexerConf::Apply to use the settings for the sample
text in the dialog
* Fixed: code completion: wrong scope was detected when the function is
'const' and the return value is 'size_t'
* Implemented: https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/feature-requests/29/
(codelite's oldest feature request)
* Make the automatching of quotes more inteligent
Single and double quotes are inserted in pairs, to make it easier to type
_"foo"_ or _'a'_. This is useful, but not when trying to type a word like
_don't_. Though there's a check for being inside a comment, that's no help
if the file being edited is actually a .txt or .html or... So check the
previous char and disallow the automatch if it's alnum.
* Don't try to GoTo a non-existent hyperlink
'Quick code navigation' lets a (by default) Sh-leftclick take you to the
declaration of any symbol under the pointer. Sh-leftclick is also
extensively used to extend the selection. The current code broke this:
if there was no symbol under the pointer, an arbitrary amount of code at
the beginning of the file got selected and scrolled to. Check for a hyperlink
first, and allow the original behaviour if one doesn't exist
* Remove H-scrollbar from the code completion box (patch by NilC)
* Fixed bug with enums code completion in with ctags.Now enumerators in
"enum class EnumName" binding into enum namespace. Enumerators in simple
"enum EnumName" are appear when we typed EnumName:: and in global scope
(patch by NilC)
* Now code complete command after :: always works - not only after adding
char ":" (patch by NilC)
* git: added support for "apply patch" command in the toolbar
* Fixed: https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/bugs/880/ -
use other colours to make it visible on different themes
* Added an option to change the debugger active line from the default green
arrow to mark the entire background colour of the line
This option can be changed from:
settings -> global editor prereferences -> guides
* Placed a "Save all" button instead of the "Save As" button
* Applied patch to boost git tree coloring (René Kraus)
* Debugger: Added support for gdb pretty printers
( atm, codelite will install the pretty printers for stdcxx, qt and wx )
Fixed various parsing issues in gdb's MI output parser to support
"displayhint" and "has_more" attributes
* Debugger: added new menu available from: Debug -> Windows which allows the
user to hide/show various debugger windows (note that it only affects debugger
windows which are detached i.e. are not part of the "Debugger" pane notebook)
Fixed bug in the perspective manager which did not load the current active
perspective when requested...
* Debugger callstack tab now uses wxDataViewCtrl instead of wxListCtrl
* Fixed: (Windows) sometimes codelite creates invalid makefiles.
This is dude to empty object variable produced in the makefile
( see: http://forums.codelite.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2060 )
* Added new function: PostCall(wxObject *instance, clEventFunc_t func)
which allows caller to postpone a call to a method to the next event loop
* Increased codelite's plugin API to 5100 (towards release 5.1 of codelite)
* Added new event: wxEVT_CODELITE_MAINFRAME_GOT_FOCUS which is sent when
codelite's main frame gains the focus
* Fixed: build tab: error lines should be visible once again when the build-tab
loses the focus while the selection is placed on top of an error/warning line
Fixed: build tab: navigating between errors using keyboard (f4)
should now ensure that there is only one selection at a time
* Patch: optimize the git calls
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