wxCrafter 1.2 STANDALONE version

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wxCrafter 1.2 STANDALONE version

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I am happy to announce that wxCrafter 1.2 STANDALONE version is available for download.
This is a Windows only release which will be extended to the other platforms eventually

You can download it from here:

Main changes since v1.1:
- Implemented: allow change sizer type
This is now done by right clicking on the sizer in the tree view and selecting from the menu 'Change Sizer Type'
https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/feat ... uests/609/
- Allow copy / paste of main sizer
- Implement missing wxSpinButton value/min/max properties
- Fixed bug: https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/bugs/889/
- Added support for wxGLCanvas
- Added missing include file in generated code ""#include <wx/ribbon/art.h>"
- Import_from_wxFP: Cope with an alternative wxFB bitmap syntax
- ImportFromwxFB: Correctly import check (and radio) menuitems
- wxC will now auto generate control ID when the ID is not one of the wxStockID nor it is wrapped with the XRCID("..") macro
The enum is configurable from the root item of the tree view
- Fixed: wxC should now always generate code using the "C" locale for double/float (in German locale, the decimal point is defined by the comma sign)
- wxDataView / wxListCtrl: allow column name to be non unique
- wxListBook, wxNotebook, wxToolbook: use old (2.8) event names instead of the 2.9 wxBookCtrlEvent
- Fixed: https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/bugs/881/ (copy/paste a custom control within the tree, the new custom control is added as member without instantiation)
- Implemented: https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/feat ... uests/602/ - allow custom style in the Subclass field
- Fixed: codelite crash when placing a wxRadioBox with no options
- wx{AUI}ToolBar: added support for dropdown items
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