[ANN] wxWidgets 2.9.4 development installer for windows

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[ANN] wxWidgets 2.9.4 development installer for windows

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in the next release of codelite (5.2) the Windows installation process will be slightly different.
Atm, for each release of codelite, I am building 3 installers for Windows:
- codelite only
- codelite + gcc compiler (mingw)
- codelite + gcc compiler (mingw) + wxwidgets development libraries

With the next version, there will be a single installer for codelite:
- codelite + gcc compiler - mingw ( the mingw is optional in the installer )

The wxwidgets development libraries are now packed into a separated installer:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/codelit ... e/download

As you can see, I have already uploaded the installer to the codelite-5.1 release folder (this is to allow developers to build latest codelite from git on Windows)

The package contains:

- wxwidgets built as multilib (debug / release) DLLs
- Header files
- wxrc.exe
- wx-config.exe
- wxWidgets is built with wxUSE_GRAPHICS=1

The installer also defines the environment variables WXWIN and WXCFG and optionally, it can alter your PATH environment variable
to include the installation folder's lib directory into the user's PATH

This package is built against GCC TDM-4.7.1 32 bit, only use this package if you are using this specific compiler
It is the compiler that is bundled with codelite

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