[ANN] CodeLite IDE 5.4 has been released!

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[ANN] CodeLite IDE 5.4 has been released!

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Hello all,

I am happy to announce that CodeLIte 5.4 has been released!
You can get it from the support page

In addition, wxCrafter 1.4 has been also released

Whats new in CodeLite 5.4?

Whats new in wxCrafter?
Change Log for wxCrafter 1.4, released on Jan, 13 2014

The events pane is now always visible
Add new option: "Insert Into New Sizer" - click on an item and place it inside a new wxSizer
Undo / Redo should work more smoothly now
Added support for missing styles for wxStatusBar
The designer now display the wxFrame / wxDialog captions (with images and all possible buttons)
Remove a spurious space from the code generated for wx(Flex)GridSizers
Added support for wxPropGrid splitter positioning
Make it possible to re-order toplevel controls
New (minor) feature: Add Duplicate to the treeview menu
Added support for wxGrid 3.0 events
Prompt the user when no filename nor class was provided in the inherited class details (this means that only base class code is generated)
Added "Generate Code" button to the top level toolbar (standalone version only)
Make it possible to import wxSTCs from wxFB
Fixed: http://mantis.codelite.org/view.php?id=2 (wxSplitterwindow orientation is not preserved)
Disable CPP lexer on the prview page from coloring macro blocks
Updated designer colour to match black themes
wxCrafter should now play well with dark themes (codelite)
Fixed: when adding new form to an existing wxC project do not truncate the project
wxPGProperty: setting colour is placed after all the children have been added
added support for various icon type (wxTaskBarIcon)
Fixed: disable the various buttons in the ToolBox if they cant be placed into a child which is a direct child of wxAuiManager
Make the TaskBarIcon a licensed control
Added support for wxTaskBarIcon
Added support for effect in wxSimplbook
Added support for wxSimplebook
wxArtProvider: added support for art bitmap size hint
Fixed wxAUI toolbar preview to support the new style: wxAUI_TB_PLAIN_BACKGROUND
Added support for wxAUI toolbar new style: wxAUI_TB_PLAIN_BACKGROUND
Fixed "fixed" font generated by wxC under Linux
Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.
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Re: [ANN] CodeLite IDE 5.4 has been released!

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CodeLite 15.x
CodeLite is awesome, I just Love it!

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