[ANN] CodeLite 6.1 is now available for download

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[ANN] CodeLite 6.1 is now available for download

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I am happy to announce that codelite 6.1 + wxCrafter 1.6 are now available for download
Note that wxCrafter 1.6 is already included in codelite 6.1 installer for Windows and OSX

This release contains many bug fixes and some new (and exciting) features.

Visit our download page

A brief list of the features can be found here (its not the complete list, just the ones I decided to highlight)

Visit our download page to
To name some:
[Linux] Valgrind plugin
[ALL] Spell Checker plugin (Frank)
[ALL] support for clang-format - a powerful tool for code formatting (in addition to the old astyle tool)
[ALL] Theme management - many new themes were added (for C/C++), in addition codelite now has the ability to import/export themes + import eclipse themes downloaded from The Eclipse Web Site
[ALL] LLDB debugger now supports adding watches

The repos for Linux will be updated shortly
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