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CodeLite revision 1457

Post by eranif »

I have just packaged and uploaded CodeLite revision 1457 (for Windows & Linux).

Sourceforge download link: ... _id=202033

Main changes from previous release (revision 1345):
CodeLite revision 1457 is now available for download, main changes from last uploaded revision (1345):

* added new 'configuration manager' button which is located next to the build configuration
* Fixed bug when workspace contains more than one file with a given name (regardless of the path) and an error occurs in one of these files, hitting F4 or clicking on the line opened all of the files in the editor
* removed wxFNB from CL and replaced it with new Notebook
* fixed configure release missing options
* Fixed: clean command did not applied environment variables before executing commands, thus it might failed incases where build tools were not in path nor specified in teh build system like $(MINGW)/make
* added new 'C++ comments' settings in the editor' settings dialog, this allows user to customized their doxygen comments generation, as well as the behavior of the editor when hitting <ENTER> inside comment section
* visible tab is now fully shown (if there is enough screen space)
* File macros are now expanded even if no project name is specified ($(CurrentFileName), etc.)
* removed the icon from the welcome page
* moved the 'configuration' label to be on top of the combo box
* the 'line to add' in the 'add include file' dialog will gain the focus on dialog startup
* fixed configure bugs on 64bit system
* added option to comment multiple line using the C++ comment style (select multiple lines and select from the editor's context menu 'Comment Line'
* changed default colours for the welcome page to fit the system colours
* Add include files will now use #include file when the file is from whithin the workspace, and #include <file> when it is external file (e.g. stdio.h)
* added support for global include / global lib path at the compiler level. These paths can use any environment variable defined in the workspace. the path will be prepended before the project paths
* modified calls in Gizmos plugin from TagsManagerST::Get() to m_mgr->GetTagsManager()
* added description field to projects' XML
* replaced the 'save project as tempalte' dialog with new dialog that allows to set a description as well
* Fixed bug# [1943641] switching tabs in the debugger view
* modified the layout of the compiler page
* when selecting project type in the 'new project' dialog, a short description is now displayed
* fixed bug in directory collecting when using the external database wizard
* added file masking filter to the external tags database wizard
* Added new option in the 'Create Tags DB wizard': Parse file without extensions
* Improved CC: When using the '::' scope operator CodeLite will present all members/functions and subytypes of given scope, however, when using the '->' or '.' operator, it will offer only members/functions/prototypes
* completed the 'configure accelerators' functionlity for CodeLite, user can now define the accelerators keys for the any of the actions specified in the accelerators.conf
* by setting accelerators keys for the menu entries, the bug where menu items stats on GTK were not handled properly is also fixed
* changed the new accelerator mapping to use XRCID where possible instead of using the ID since there can be differences between OSs
* update windows installer to include default accel mapping file
* removed hard coded accelerator keys from the toolbars' tooltip buttons (due to the recent changes in the dynmic accelerator bindings)
* codelite will no longer copy plugins/debuggers to the local settings directory ~/.codelite, but rather will load them directly from the installation directory
* fixed issues related to menu accelerators
* variable parser now also marks if a variable is const
* added new API to TagsManager::NormalizeFunctionSig() this function removes any default value & variable names from function signature
* Added 'Implement all Un-implemented Functions...'
* Fixed: 'Add function implentation' will no longer set default values in function signature
* Fixed: CC now works properly when invoked near to '<' character. The following code used to fail:
for(size_t i=0; i<std_list. <<---- CC failed here, unless a 'space' character was placed between the '<' and 'std_list'
* fixed: when running CodeLite under GTK with command line argument -b, it failed to enumerate plugins and debuggers
* added support for PHP colouring
* added support for up to 5 keywords sets in the lexers page
* removed hard coded font name from the html lexer
* fixed the output of the yacc parser for template declaration
* Fixed: Functions's calltip could show multiple entries with same signature (incase of diff variabels name, default value)
* Improved the output returned from the yacc parser for variables scope (when template is included, e.g. std::map< std::string, std:vector<std::string> > my_arg)
* Added syntax highlight for InnoSetup
* User settings will no longer be overriding by installer
* When using cscope, the Outpane will become visible
* Fixed bug where space in folder name may break debugging
* added new 'Show cursor' button in the debugger toolbar
* Macros in the form of functions, will now display proper function calltip as if it was a function
* Functions' calltip will now use tips with default values where available

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