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CodeLite revision 1528

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Hi All,
CodeLite revision 1528 is out, main changes from previously released version:

Link to the download page: ... r.Download

- Added 'Edit' butto to environment variables dialog
- 'Environment Variable' now sets the focus to the first item in the list control
- Fixed feature request [1953493] fold margin background colour
- Fixed feature request [1953493] fold line number background colour
-Fixed feature request [1953487 ] Ability to set the text selection background & foreground
- CodeLite will now create a private copy for the lexers once modified. This will prevent overriding them when updgrading CodelLite
- added Theme management to CodeLite, CodeLite now comes with 2 themes: DrakTheme & Default. Note that the themes applies only for the editor and *not* for other panes/toolbars
- fixed crash when the selected theme is no longer exist
- updated CopySettings function to match the new themes
- Moved the caret colour to be part of the syntax highlight
- experimental commit to enable drag/drop of text inside the editor
- Finished all the BlackTheme.
- Updated the default xml and html lexers with more detail.
- Removed duplicate line from the update.bat.
- Small change to make the open string consistent through out theme.
- fixed CopyDir function
- CodeLite will now prompt the user before any attempt to adjust the number of concurrent builders on startup (annoying dialog with 'Dont ask me again' check box)
- Fixed: CodeLite will no longer crash when performing actions from the start page
- modified the directory structure of the the templates/ directory
- CodeLite project template system now allows to save the project source files as well. This allows users to create more helpful templates which includes some sample code
- 'executable' project was modified to include the hello world code
- find results tab (tabs 1-5) will no longer allow dnd
- Fixed: [ 1930651 ] Move implementation to .. now works properly for ctors/dtors
- added new option to the 'new project' dialog to allow creating the project under separate directory with the project name
- Creating new workspace, will now suggest to create the workspace under a separate directory
- Fixed: bug # 1958108 - Better window placement on startup
- added new API for plugins: GetEnv() this allows the plugins to gain access to the environment manager
- added windows crash handler as described here: ... e/drmingw/
- installer updated to include the required dll (EXCHNDL.DLL)
- fixed build issue on Linux
- Removed the ../trunk from all the paths in the project file.
- fixed bug in debugger where on certain cases it failed to open the file in the editor (double slashses)
- added log messages incase CL fails to open file
- added new JobQueue system that allows CL to place jobs to be processed by workrer thread
- added new API to IManager to expose the new JobQueue to plugins
- fixed minor bug in CC parser (tempalte declaration which one of its parameters was a pointer to tempalte as well)
- added new dialog for the 'Rename Symbol' functionality
- added 'cancel' option to the rename symbol dialogs
- made the 'rename symbol' tab resizable
- added cancel button to 'retag' dialog, however cacnelling during parsing will cause truncated tags database (which will disable CC completly)
- CodeLite now has 'Rename Symbol' functionlity which allows users to rename functions/members/classes (and all their occurances) in an easy and accurate
- added test to make sure that refactoring wont start when there are un-saved files in Codelite
- fixed: When creating new class using the wizard and selecting 'implement function' - functions with default values will no longer will appear in implementation
- fixed script, added the 'rename symbol' option to the accelerator table
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