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codelite 1.0.2674

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:50 pm
by eranif
Hi All,

The first release of 2009 is out.

Linux users: the executable name has changed from CodeLite to codelite (all lower-case)

New in this revision:


Here is the change log (the commit log since revision 2527):
- Fixed: calltip has now same border colour (gray)
- EditorConfig sends new wxEVT_EDITOR_CONFIG_CHANGED event when saving an object
- Fix issues with indentation in auto-adding comments (tabs vs spaces)
- Fix issues with commenting a block of code (don't include last line ending)
- Build tab keeps Error tab up to date
- Redesign Error tab UI to use base class toolbar for error/warning switches
- In Build tab, Goto Next Error moves from cursor position so you can reset it by clicking in the window.
- Error Tab line is marked for current error just like Build Tab
- Add option to Build Settings to control when Build window appears (at start or end of build)
- Build Settings Auto-Hide option won't close the pane if you are using a different tab (like CScope)
- Integrate Continuous Build plugin with changes to Build/Error tab (at end of compile, forwards the output to Build tab)
- Continous Build plugin posts "Compiling file..." in Frame's status bar (column 4)
- Removed some files no longer needed after refactorings
- Added markers in editor window to indicate lines where compiler errors or warnings occur
- Put Clear tool back in Build Tab so markers can be removed (Tool is disabled during a build).
- Complete redesign of the 'Find in Files' tab window
- Find In Files output tab: added new 'Fold All' button to allow folding the entire results
- Find In Files output tab: changed highlight colour to light blue
- Calltip font is now configurable. BY default it will use the system default GUI.
- Updated debian packaging script to be more ubuntu compliant
- Renamed CodeLite exectuable name to codelite
- changed line number colour (in Find In Files) to be darker
- Added wxToolBar::Realize() to errors tab, otherwise the new toolbar buttons are not visible under Windows
- Refactor FindResultsTab to respond to Search events directly
- Remove unneeded files findresultscontainer.cpp/.h
- Minor tweak to LexFIF to prepare for using it for other tabs (Replace, Errors)
- Prevent leading spaces from being included in filename hyperlink of Build and Error tabs
- Remove dependency on fixed-size line buffer in LexFIF and LexGCC
- Fixed regression: call Realize() after modifying toolbar
- Added m_tb->Realize() in Build tab
- Renamed 'Synatx highlight' menu entry to 'Syntax Highlight & Fonts'
- Fixed regression: when performing 'Find in Files' operation and the 'Find Results' tab is not selected, codelite sets the focus to the 'Find Results' tab
-Fixed regression: LexGCC.cxx now compiles on Mac (added missing #include <string>)
- New: trying to swap to non-existing file, codelite will offer to create it
- Fixed: editor settings dialog, "Dialog" section: if an annoying dialog has no answer from user (meaning that this question was never prompted to the user) an entry will not exist in the "dialogs" list
- Applied patch from David Hart as perperation for debugger changes
- Fixed: creating new editor will also set the focus to the new editor
- Fixed: clicking 'Cancel' in 'Create new swapped file' will abort
- 'Create swapped file' now adds the new file to the workspace (if the source file is part of a workspaec)
- New: Find In Files now has a new option 'display c++ scope' for matches. When enabled (from the 'Find In Files' dialog) the output will have the following format: <line>: [scope] <pattern>
- Fixed bug in LexFIF scope coloring
- Changed Search Started message to send all search data so receiver can get flags, or repeat search
- Refactored ReplaceInFilesPanel as derived class of FindResultsTab to use same text styling
- Deleted obsolete files replaceinfilesbasepanel.cpp/.h
- Moved FindInFilesDialog handling from Frame to FindResultsTab, so Frame is not involved at all in searching
- Changed FindResultsTab to save the actual SearchResults received from search thread
- Added "Repeat Search" button to FindResultsTab (and ReplaceInFilesPane because it's derived)
- Added ability for user to mark replacements for application (click in margin), and Mark/Unmark All buttons. Replace button only applies selected replacements
- Fixed regression: find in files dialog does not appear on Windows...
- Fixed: crash in 'Replace in Files'
- Added some missing icons
- Replaced 'Find In Files' repeat search icon
- 'Replace In Files' tab now responds to update UI events (buttons are disabled if nothing appears in the output)
- Fixed: code completion handles typedef of templates better (use case: IBPP source base)
- Fixed: added wxStatusBar=wxStatusBarBase to the default pre-processor list. To see the changes, one need to delete its 'codelite.xml' file
- Fixed: reverted back the method used to locate the file in the build tab (several users complained about 'Build tab' does not open the file)
- Fixed: clicking on the link errors in 'Build' tab causes a selection to appear (use case: click on an error on last line, then try to click on an error which sits above it in the build tab)
- Added record browsing (blue toolbars arrows backward/forward) to 'Find In files' and 'cscope' plugin
- Extended the plugin API to allow access to the navigation manager
- Moved navigation manager to the 'Plugin' project
- Fixed: refactoring did not detect tokens placed after strings with several backslashes (e.g. "\")
- Implemented FR#[ 2430919 ] Goto function start: Added new 'Goto begining of current function' in the editor's context menu
- Fixed: 'Find In Files' tab: set the markers to background to make the text visible
- Fixed: in some cases, codelite hangs on exit this was fixed according to this thread: ... evel/65707 (third reply from the end)
reverted find in files thread polling to 5 ms
- Find In Files: Moved all calls to sci->*Indicator* calls to single location since it appears that these calls are expensive
- Find IN Files dialog is now constructed only once using the number of tabs in the 'Find Results' tab. This is done by making FindInFilesDialog a static member of FindResutlsTab, the construction of it is done at the first attempt to launch it.
- Fixed: Find In Files :: Find What combobox was not updated properly
- Fixed: random crash at exit
- Prettified the Frame event table
- applied more safe fix to 'replace in files' output tab
updated resources file to be able to load properly using WX<2.8.5
- updated script to use new naming coonventions (codelite)
- better 'open file' from build tab
- Fixed regression in Frame html link handling
- Changed Errors tab to use FIF style like Find in Files tab
- Fixed: adjustments to colours/indicators for Mac
- replace the 'repeat search' icon, due to problems on Mac
- renamed lightColour to MakeColourLighter and moved it to globals.cpp file
- Fixed: bug#[ 2342339 ] no code completion in constructor init line
- Code refactoring: moved code that manipulates the editor's context menu to ContextBase
- Factored a lot of common code from OutputTabWindow derived classes into the base class
- Added folding to GCC lexer based on project lines
- Changed configure script to build Makefile that emit folding project lines
- Added word wrap flags and indentation to OutputTabWindow
- Enable access to Scintilla's SetScrollWidthTracking function in wxScintilla
- Use scroll width tracking in OutputTabWindow
- Made the 'file name' clickable in the 'Errors' tab for quick folding
- Made the status lines clickable in the 'Build' tab for quick folding
- Removed 'repeat search' button from the 'Errors' and 'Build' tab
- some minor fixes to hide seletion while user clicks on foldable lines
- Changed Tasks pane to use new Find-in-Files output style
- Removed obsolete files taskbasepanel.cpp/.h
- In FindResultsTab and derived classes, the Clear button will stop a search too
- FindInFilesDlg can have its fields set from a SearchData
- Added "Customize" button to Tasks pane that opens FindInFilesDlg
- Changed SearchThread regex to wxRE_ADVANCED (because lookahead patterns are used in Tasks regex)
- Applied debugger patch (David Hart)
- Expanded breakpoint code. It's now possible to have multiple breakpoints, which can be disabled, edited etc
- New debugger context menu on the breakpoint margin
- Breakpoint management is now done using new BreakpointManager class
- Debugger supports watchpoints
- Conditional breakpoints
- The abililty to break using function name, file/line number OR memory address
- added missing files for the debugger patch
- fixed assertion in debugger code
- further fixes to debugger
- added 2 new events to plugins: wxEVT_BUILD_STARTED and wxEVT_BUILD_ENDED
- further improvements to the debugger and some minor bug fixes
- Fixed: some minior UI issues (default button & resizing) with the breakpoint dialog
- Fixed: copy, paste, cut, undo and redo operations are now disabled if there is no editor opened
- Several fixes were made in CC, especially: typedef of template argument is now understood by CC (e.g. std::auto_ptr<std::string>::element_type:: will now display CC for std::string since element_type is typedef _T element_type;
- added new API: Project::SetUserData and GetUserData - so users (plugins) can save project related information directly into the project without the need to manage their own configuration file
- reverted: codelite will no longer cancel the tooltip at 'OnfocusLost' since it caused a bug were the re-actviation of the calltip (ctrl-shift-space) seems to fails often
- reverted: CC box & calltip can co-exist again
- Increased plugin API version
- Applied patch: debugger now set breakpoints extras (ignore count etc.) properly (David Hart)
- added sash to 'Tags Management Dialog'
- Fixed: OnTypedef now search local scope and then moves on to the global scope
- Fixed: bug in IsTypeAndScopeContainer (invalid SQL statement)
- Fixed function name typos, added test in code for wxUSE_FSVOLUME macro - by jfouche
- changed the regex used in the task panel to use wxRE_DEFAULT
- added sigpipe masking to codelite
- Fixed: regression: toggle breakpoint removes breakpoint if exists
- Fixed: debugger now synchronized breakpoints with the UI (when the UI is updated)
fixed mismatch allocation/free
- added -O2 to projects in release
- Removed the default 'use editor's font' in the tasks panel - this increases performance of the search
- reverted: the calltip is now longer removed when mouse is out of screen
- Improved UI visualization of the various notebooks in codelite
- LInux tab colours adjustments
- further UI improvments
- Made the tabs a bit more rounded
- fixed some drawing glitches in tabs
- LInux drawing adjustments
- Final touch (hopefully) for the tabs drawings
- Fixed: MSW: items in the popup menu for selecting active project, in the 'Workspace' tab were not aligned properly
- Refactored ShellTab so it derives from OutputTabWindow
- Added "auto appear" setting to OutputTabWindow causing tab to appear on first output
- ShellTab listens for async exe events directly
- ShellTab has a combo box to maintain cmd history (so you can browse it visually)
- Refactored QuickFindBar so it can be bound to a single editor window
- ShellTab has a QuickFindBar for searching program output or debugger output
- Removed obsolete files shell_window.h/cpp and quickfindbarbase.h/cpp
- Debugger won't let focus be stolen by opening a file to highlight a line
- Debugger console shows automatically because of new base class "auto appear" flag
- Fixed: regression: debugging did not setp-in correctly (the entered file was not focused)
- Fixed: starting to debug will now display the 'debugger' tab properly
- Fixed: QuickFindBar: hitting 'ENTER' ALT-ENTER will perform the search without leaving the text control
- Reduced flickering when sweetching between 'quick find' and 'command bar' in 'Debug' & 'Output' tabs
- Switched QuickFindBar back to using StringFindReplacer since Scintilla's regex matching is too weak for our uses
- Code Completion: added support for the following syntax: struct {int a; int b;} dd OR struct STRUCT {...} v;
- Auto adjusting the horizontal scrollbar of the editor is now optional (can be turned off/on from settings -> editor -> guides)
- Implemented FR#[ 2446103 ] Caret Placement in C Autocomment
- Implemented FR#[ 2431051 ] Stay at the same place after reloading file
- Svn options is now resizable
- added new options: 'use external diff viewer' (the current way simply checked if there was an external diff command)
- applied patch to allow autorev to work for non ASCII users by using svn info --xml (jfouche)
- Reduced flickering when closing editors using the mouse
- Added builder support for capturing output of C Preprocessor in intermediate files (*.o.i by default)
- Added option under Settings -> Builder Settings -> [Tool] -> Misc to set file extensions for dependency files and preprocessor output files (default *.o.d, *.o.i)
- Also added option under ...[Tool] -> Switches to set compiler flag for preprocess-only (e.g. -E for gcc)
- Added entry in workspace tab right click menu to kick off a preprocess-capture for a file (file is not opened automatically yet due to performance problems in ReadFileWithConversion)
- Added support in LexCPP for folding the file inclusions in preprocessor output (select View As -> C++ on an opened .o.i file to see it)
- Fixed LiteEditor.project custom build rules so that single file compilations work, so ContinuousBuild is usable
- Build message in status bar follows projects even when using custom build, if possible
- Navigation browse records added whenever the active file switches or find-and-select is performed
- Added new function GetTagAtCaret() for plugins that want to do symbol lookups for the user
- Functions FindImpl, FindDecl, and GotoDefinition reworked to use GetTagAtCaret
- Added "Show In Symbol View" to editor context menu to find the tag-at-caret in the symbol tree
- Editor context menu shortened by removing extra separators and putting some items in a submenu
- Fixed crash on exit on Windows
- reveted 'add browsing record' when editors are switched functionlity since it lead to codelite crashes on Windows
- Regression: Goto Definition/Declaration saves a browsing record
- Initial work on re-designing the build-settings dialog
- changed 'build settings' dialog to use tree layout
- Fixed regression where diff file failed to work in case external diff viewer was not set
- CodeLite now identifies abnormal termination of the debugger (crashes, kill -9 etc)
- Fixed: Running 'Show Diff' on a directory from the explorer tab, now works again
- Fixed: Diff file for directory is now named properly (it was .diff only)
- Code navigation remembers both source and target of jumps
- Navigation supported for any action that jumps via OpenFile() and/or FindAndSelect()
- Added ContextDiff class for handling .diff files produced by svn diff command
- In ContextDiff, added hyperlink support (Ctrl-Click) on filenames and "@@ ... @@" lines
- Moved FindFiles() function from BuildTab to Manager, so it can be used by other code
- Hitting 'Enter' on the 'send' text box now sends the command instead of jumping the focus to the next control
- Fixed regression: matches from 'Find In Files' which points to folded text, will cause the editor to automatically unfold - David hart
- some Debugger on Mac related fixes
- Major change: switched debugger to use MI commands for breakpoints (-break*)
- Fixed: skip setting breakpoint with line number < 0
- removed all advanced RE from compiler patterns - since the broke code on Mac
- removes a bug that causes two breakpoint markers on a line to
become 6 breakpoints in the debugger; and makes it possible to add
function/memory breakpoints before the debugger starts (David Hart)
- hides the 'Make temporary' checkbox for watchpoints (which can't be
temporary), adds a 'Temp.' prefix to temporary bps in the Breakpoint
pane, and fixes the regression where double-clicking a breakpoint no
longer showed the bp line in the editor. (David Hart)
- Fixed some colours issues on Mac
- svn diff will now prompt for base revision to diff against
- Typo in 'diff' prompt dialog
- Removed size constraint on 'build settings' dialog
- Provides user-feedback when a breakpoint is deleted (David hart)
- CodeLite facelift
- further drawing tweaks (AUI: x button is now drawn 1 pixel lower)
- fixed drawing glitch with the tabs
- Added tooltip for tabs - when possible it will display the file's full path
- Changed the compiler markers to show only the clicked error/warning, this was done due to certain cases where codelite became un-usable
- Added tooltip to breakpoints
- Fixed: editing breakpoint before the debugger started, messed up the breakpoint management
- Fix performance problem in BuildTab when marking editor for errors and warnings
- Add tooltip for hovering over error/warning marker in editor
- Fix bug in Manager::FindFiles() which failed to make filename absolute
- On opening a file, if no initial caret location is specified, automatically skip past initial comments and blank lines. This is to ensure navigation records are created for operations such as "Swap Header/Implementation file".
- When calling Mainbook::OpenFile(), pass line number whenever available, so better navigation records are kept
- When opening with OpenFile() for modification (e.g. OpenFileAndAppend()), pass 0 for line number to prevent a navigation record from being stored
- Fixed: codelite hangs on displaying compiler tooltip
- Fixed: Mac default build settings will now use -dynamiclib instead of -shared
- Fixed: renaming file (save as) will update the tooltip as well
- fixed regression: save file was broken
- tooltip for 'save as' file is now updated properly
- Ensure only warning and error lines are added to the file map, which is used for marking an editor
- removed obsolete method LEeditor::OpenFile
- Saving file with 'Save As..' now properly applies the properly synatx highlight (jfouche)
- codelite will use advacned regular expression on systems where it is available (wxRE_ADVANCED)
- added new event for plugins: wxEVT_BUILD_STARTING
- Fixed: 'using namespace ' is now better understood by codelite
- Fixed: 'using namespace A::B::C' is now allowed
- Compiler tooltips now displays all errors/warning for a given line
- Changed the 'hot spot' style to underline the hotspot line
- Added tooltip to the quick find bar & show quick find bar in the 'debugger'/'output' tabs
- Skip using user-selected conversion in the case of UTF-8. It appears that the builtin UTF-8 converter (wxConvUTF8) is faster.
- Eliminated obsolete functions Manager::GetActiveEditor() and Manager::OpenFile(). All calls now use Mainbook directly.
- Eliminated unneeded function Manager::GetMainFrame().
- Fixed: bug#[ 2492253 ] allow user to disable blinking cursor

Re: codelite 1.0.2674

Posted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 9:31 pm
by batt
The Ubuntu x86_64 is missing, only the i386 version is present, could you please upload the 64bit version too?

Re: codelite 1.0.2674

Posted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 9:33 pm
by eranif

Re: codelite 1.0.2674

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 9:02 pm
by batt
Thank you!