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codelite 1.0.2819

Post by eranif »

Hi All,

After a long pause, codelite 1.0.2819 is out.

The major changes in this version are the changes to the 'find in files' mechanism in codelite, and allowing customization of the notebook control (changing the orientation of the tabs & setting them to fix width or not)

Special thanks goes to Jeremie (AKA jfouche) who lead the changes in the Find in Files!

here is the complete change log:
- Fixed: Bug#[ 2640281 ] Incorrect Syntax Highlighting for files with ext in CAPITAL
- added RPM spec file to the repository
- Fixe: bug#[ 2641432 ] Discripency between Find What in Find & Replace Dialogs - spaces can now be searched and replaced using the 'Replace' dialog
- CodeLite now considers the working directory set in custom build when the build is part of relation between 2 projects
- Removed dependency from symbols of WX < 2.8.4
- update configure script so that the clean target will clean codelite_indexer as well
- gizmos plugin: added option to create the WX project under a separate directory
- Update New WX dialog layout file (.fbp file)
- fixed build isses with gcc4.4
- rename various scripts to be codelite_* instead of le_* packaing script updated accordingly
- the source packaging script now removes the curl directory
- fixed: doxygen comments are now generated proerly for class function's definition
- Implemented: FR#[ 2688735 ] Preserve newline format for project
- Fixed build issue with Gcc 4.4
- Applied patch by Jfouch to allow 'Find In Files' searching in multiple directories
- Applied patch to remove the limitiation of 5 output tabs for 'find in files', now tabs are created on the fly with the search string as the title of the tab (jfouche)
- Fixed: drawing issue with BOTTOM oriented tab - text was not aligned properly
- Added the possibility to close search tab using the mouse middle click
- added support for fix tab width in the 'Find in Files' output tab
- The 'fixed tab' width can now be set using the API Set/GetFixedTabWidth of the Notebook control
- The 'Workspace View' and 'Ooutput View' now use fixed tabs width
- Fixed: the Find In Files options are now loaded from the settings (regression bug due to the major changes done to the find in files dialog)
- Implemented FR# 2722402: Save all files before starting find in files -> a new option was added to the 'find in files' dialog: 'Save modified files before searching'
- Changed the layout of the 'find in files' dialog
- Fixed: In case that the multiple search paths overlaps (e.g. Active Project & Entire workspace) the search thread will scan each file only once
- New: Added an option for each notebook to perform some customization (fixed width tab and orientation) - this is configurable from the little drop down
arrow button. The customization is persistent between codelite session
- Fixed: clickiing on the 'repeat' search button in the 'find results' tab, now does not add a new tab but rather uses the existing one
- Fixed: when multiple tabs are open in the 'find results' tab and clicking 'repeat' search button, the search data that uses to generate the output on that tab is used (up until now, it used the last performed search data)
- Fixed: crash when clicking 'search' button in the 'task' panel
- Fixed: clicking 'customize' button in the 'tasks' tab caused the 'search paths' list box to add the same entry over and over again
- Fixed: 'repeat' button in the tasks tab, now works as expected
- Fixed: crash in 'Find Replace Candidates'
- removed the 'repeat' button from the 'replace results' tab
- added support for array variable inside function signature ( e.g. void foo(int arr[]) )
- Fixed: Code generation / refactoring small bug (#2748537) - codelite will now add proper implmentation to functions with signature which includes 'type name[]'
- Fixed: Conditional breakpoints don't work with spaces (bug#2743414)
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Re: codelite 1.0.2819

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great work! thanks!!
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