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codelite 1.0.2841

Post by eranif »

Hi All,

codelite version 1.0.2841 is out. The ubuntu 64bit version, will be uploaded later this week.

The main highlights of this build are:
- Fixed: Conditional breakpoints don't work with spaces (bug#2743414)
- Implemented FR#2739818: Replace with selection - the searched string when using 'find in files' is now also set as the 'replace with' string. In addition, each time a replacement is made, the content of 'replace with' is added to the 'replace with' drop down
- Added new option to the debugger: set breakpoints using short file names (NO full paths) this fixes a bug reported in the forum that codelite does not break if a breakpoint is set in header file which is a template file (forum post:
- Commented code that printed 'garbage' to sterr
- Applied patch by Mattia barbon so that codelite will send 2 events when file is renamed: 1 event for the removal of the file and one for adding new fie
- Fixed: renaming file now properly closes the old file (if it was open in the editor)
- Added missing include statement to allow compilation under GCC 4.4.0
- Applied patch to fix bug# 2783422 (Broken CodeLite symlink when DESTDIR is used)
- Fixed: function calltips included an extra ';' following variables in the function signature (forum post:
- Fixed: inconsistency in functions/variable tooltip apearance forum post:
- Improved 'new project' dialog to split the different project types into categories
- Added new project templates (Qt based ones)
- Adjusted the 'Save project as template' dialog to allow user to set category to the new template
- Added new 'Simple executable' template configured to work with 'gcc' (the sample main is also a C file)
- New project dialog: when selecting project template from the list, the compiler is now also updated according to the template settings
- added missing icons
- Implemented FR#2778634: Allow SnipWiz to insert simple snippets which contains the placeholders '@' and '$' symbols. This is now feasible by escaping those symbols '\@' and '\$'
- Implemented FR#2784236: Display C++ scope for Replace tab
- 'Save as tempalte' for project now sets 'User templates' as the default project category
- Fixed: Bug ID#2792478: File AutoReload upon SVN Revert. In addition the will also be re-tagged
- Fixed: bug#2770561: File edited changes after replace in files (editor sets the focus back to the last active editor)
- Find In Files: the dialog has now no minimum size
- Find In Files: the dialog is now centered when first time showed
- Fixed: importing files using the 'import files from directory' to an active project will no longer remove the 'active' state of the project
- Changed the margin folding shapes to rectangle rather than rounded rectangle
- Find In Files output pane: search result tabs now have a right click menu which allows to select 'close/close all/close other tabs'
- Find In Files: The 'Find' button is now set as default action for hitting the ENTER key
- Find in files context menu is now disabled during an active search
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