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codelite 1.0.2893

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Hi All,
After a long pause, codelite 1.0.2893 is available for download from SF.

To view the list of files available for download visit:

This version introduces new plugin: Qmake plugin (a user guide will come shortly) which allows users to create projects based on Qt's qmake build system (including auto-generation of Qt's pro file etc.)

In addition, the following bugs / small features were fixed/added:
- Find in files context menu is now disabled during an active search
- Applied patch: [patch] partial reimplementation of ProcUtils for FreeBSD by gahr
- Changed configure EOL from CRLF -> LF
- wxEVT_BUILD_STARTING now set event.SetString() to the build configuration
- When a build take places it can now be overrided by the plugins by simply handling the wxEVT_BUILD_STARTING and not calling event.Skip()
- Added new section in the project XML format to allow plugins to write any data to it. Unlike the currently available 'UserData' section, this section is saved when saving the project as template
- codelite will now allways use POSIX slashes for the 'make' path
- Fixed build error on Linux (typo in include <map>)
- Added QMake wizard to add qmake based projects
- Fixed: memory leak in lex.yy.cpp
- Fixed: possible crash in SnipWiz plugin
- Fixed: removed double calls to UnPlug in the Subversion plugin
- Fixed: build issue on linux (type include <map.>)
- New: Qmake plugin which allows user to quickly create Qt projects using qmake as the underlying build system. Enabling this plugin ( appears as an additional tab in the project settings ), will force
codelite to generate '.pro' file based on the project and running qmake && make on it
- removed obsolete mac format EOL conversion(bug#2805899)
- changed the parent of the FileCheclLIst dialog (for externally modified files) to be the main frame to resolve a bug on wxMac
- updated configure and scripts to include qmake plugin
- Fixed: 'Find in files' dialog causes a crash when the 'find what' string is empty
- Applied patch: modifying workspace / project files externally will now propmt the user to reload the workspace
- Fixed: possbile crash when adding a breakpoint and workspace is empty
- Added a marker to the 'Call Stack' tab to indicate which is the active frame (patch by ?????? ??????)
- Extended plugin interface to include 'IsBuildInProgress()' and 'IsBuildEndedSuccessfully()' methods
- QmakePlugin: Added nemonic to the 'New' button in the Qt settings dialog
- QmakePlugin: Fetching list of possible values for QMAKESPECS is now done automatically by the plugin
- added lexers for python / assembler (by samueldotj)
- fixed mac related issues with QmakePlugin
- Fixed: added support for *ui, *.qrc *y & *l files in the generated pro file
- renamed MD5.h to md5.h
- renamed MD5.h to md5.h
- Applied patch to Improved compiler/linker options dialog (patch by Marfi)
- Fixed: assertions on debugger call stack's icon
- D-clicking a frame in the 'Call stack' list, will now make sure that the active frame is always visible (David)
- When starting codelite from the Terminal (Linux), it will no longer print empty lines to the terminal (David)
- debugger breakpoints are now persistent between workspaces (they are saved as part of the 'sessions.xml' file)
- Workspace sessions are saved in separate flie under the same workspace file's path with the prefix .session
- fixed some dos to unix paths which prevented Qmakeplugin project to load properly on Linux
- Applied patch to make sure that the 'Segafult dialog' is always kept on top of the main frame
- Fixed: bug #2819184: CTRL-L deletes line even when unmapped
- Fixed: compilation error on FC11 (wrong initialization of wxArrayString)
- Fixed BUG: 2821182: saving the file name and line number before replace in files operation starts, so once it is completed, codelite can restore the previous file and line number
- fixed build issue on linux 64 bit
- Fixed: tooltip color now uses the system colour, this fixes bug when using dark theme of the desktop environment
- applied patch to fix adding breakpoint for files with spaces in their path
- Made the 'attach to process' dialog resizable & persistent in size & postions
- applied changes to configure + -j2 options
- applied changes to configure which changes various static libraries into shared object (linux/mac only)
- updated deb packaging script to include the new build (linux/mac)
- Fixed configure + Mac packaging script to support the new shared library build approach
- applied patch to the configure script to fix symbol clashes on 64bit machines
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