codelite 1.0.3035 is out

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codelite 1.0.3035 is out

Post by eranif »

Hi All,
Codelite 1.0.3035 is released. (Windows users: the splash screen may say that you got 1.0.3034, but it is 1.0.3035)
This release introduces many many changes + new features.

Take the new feature tour here:

Download page:

The downloads for Linux32 bit, and Mac will come shortly

Here is the complete change log:
- Implemented FR#2830870 - Smarter insertion of closing '}'
- added -sb to the terminal execution line (this will add scrollbars to the terminal console on linux)
The following macros are now available for the post/pre build commands:
Note that those macros are available ONLY when using the default codelite's build system (File specific macros are still unavailable)
- Fixed: the amount of memory needed to create tags database is now constant and independant of the number of files parsed
- Fixed hard coded output file name in some templates (marfi)
- Fixed compiler and linker flags in some templates (no console window in GUI apps in Windows, compiler/linker optimizations, ...) (marfi)
- Added sample code to wx-enabled static/dynamic library templates (marfi)
- Added new template for dynamic wx-enabled library for Windows (producing not only *.dll, but also *.a file) (marfi)
- Fixed template name and icon in QMake console project (marfi)
- Applied patch which adds teh following events to the plugins system:
In addition, each event contains more info in the class attached to the event of type 'DebuggerStartupInfo'. (patch by Mattia Barbon)
- updated splash screen to correct dates
- updated the 'about' dialog
- Fixed: brace completion: it will now auto add the closing brace ('}') only incase the last char entered was '{', this will fix the issue that hitting ENTER after '{' char inserts '}' even when it is not needed
- About dialog: now stores its position between sessions
- updated the file view tree icons with Oxygen's style icons
- added new class which allows to add overlayicons on top of an existing icons
- Updated the tree view icons
- File Explorer tab tree now uses different icons for different file types
- Applied patch: after SVN revert, codelite will now also refresh the SVN status icons
- Megred Scintilla 2.0 into codelite scintilla
- Build: new way for displaying compiler errors/warnings - the compiler annotations
- Updated to WX2.8.10
- CodeLite for Windows, the installer that includes WX now includes WX2.8.10
- Applied patch to remove asserts when working with WX2.9
- New: Added new 'Change marker maring' (configurable from settings -> editor dialog)
- minor change in the configure script (the compiled file name is now generated first, so it is easy to watch in the codelite's build tab)
- Compiler annotation will no longer include duplicate lines
- Updated codelite license (GPL2+ w/ exception to allow creation of closed sources plugins)
- Fixed: incorrect breakpoint placing when adding/deleting lines from the editor related forum post: ... breakpoint
- added support for 'catch throw' in the gdb debugger
- fixed bug: create tag database throws when parsing boost (BUG#2852103)
- Small UI changes to the 'Quick Find Bar'
- 'getters/setters' dialog major improvements
- Enabled multiple selection (using Ctrl key down)
- Disabled 'quick code navigation' under OSs which are not Windows
- Added support for elipssis in function signature ('...')
- Fixed bug that sometimes after hitting '{', codelite did not add the matching brace
- Compiler annotations can now be turned on and off from the 'Build Ouptut Appearance' from the 'Build Settings' dialog
- New: added new 'Ascii Viewer' to the debugger which replaces the debugger tooltip
- Debugger: added 'set print pretty' as default gdb startup command
- Debugger: added 'set print elements 0' as default gdb startup command
- Debugger: added new 'Ascii Viewer' which is similar to the tooltip, but it is more persistent and allows copy paste content from it. the expression evaluated inside it, is determined from the expression the mouse is hovering on (similar to the regular debugger tooltip)
- Debugger: tooltip is now configurable from the debugger settings dialog (the default is OFF) since now you can use the new 'ascii viewer'
- Added line numbers to the 'debug' tab
- changed the 'Debugger Ascii Viewer' expression text control to be rich text 2
- code refactoring for the debugger panel (moved to wxFB)
- added support for debugging assertion on Windows MinGW
- codelite now handles assertions in a similar way of segmantation fault (user notification + call stack available)
- Fixed: Closing '}' can not be turned off - ID: 2856763
- Fixed: Ascii viewer format, BUG# 2856772
- Fixed: codelite will no longer set breakpoints from different workspaces. BUG ID: 2856768
- Fixed BUG#2827276: Find In Files dialog does not search correctly when 'whole word' is turned on
- updated icons
- svn plugin: better handling in case update operation encountered a conflict
- svn plugin: added support for the svn 'copy' command (via the file explorer tree)
- Applied patch which mimics codelite startup directory resolving code on Windows to be like Linux (by Mattia)
- Debugger: Added support for startup commands (similar to .gdbinit) to the debugger
- Debugger: Added user defined methods which are automatically loaded to resolve 'std::vector' & QString
to enable the above change, user will need to manually delete its local debuggers.xml file which is located under ~/.codelite/config OR C:\Program Files\CodeLite\config OR C:\Document and Settings\<user name>\CodeLite\config
- Registered the entire STL containers in gdb for easy viewing, you will need to DELETE your local copy of debuggers.xml file
- Debugger: on linux, the startup commands are copied into $(HOME)/.gdbinit
- Removed empty lines appearing in terminal when launching codelite from one
- Added support for STL containers: map, multimap, list, wstring
- Fixed arguments highlights tip for expressions like: m_checkListMembers->AppendItem(root,>GetName(), ) (it was higlighting the first element)
- Debugger: Allow breakpoint Enable/Disable (but only once the debugger is running (DavidGH)
- Debugger now synchronizes its breakpoint list with the real breakpoints in gdb (DavidGH)
- Debugger: Command lists are now implmented (DavidGH)
- Debugger: Drag'n'Drop for breakpoints. This is done with Shift-LeftDown (DavidGH)
- Added new event to the plugins which provides a way to override the default file opening (i.e. open the file in codelite), as a result: double-clicking / hitting ENTER on wxFormBuilder item in the 'File Explorer' OR 'Workspace' tree, will launch the wxFormBuilder application
- Changed the behavior of activating item of type 'Project' in the 'Workspace' tree, it now set the project as active instead of expanding it
- added new script which package all various codelite installations
- Generate Setters / Getters is now made smarter: If a getter/setter already exists for the class, it will mark it with grey colour to indicate that this method already exists
- When debugging stopped, the Ascii Viewer is cleared
- Remoeved extra line feed from the svn commit log
- Fixed compilation error on Windows when using TDM gcc 4.4.0
- applied 2 minor patches for breakpoint handlings (DavidGH)
- Added "auto-restart" mechanism for windows & Linux
- added the Windows codelite_launcher workspace to SVN
- update various windows scripts to include the launcher
- Fixed build issues
- Setters/Getters dialog: if a function already exists, it is marked with grey text and disabled check icon
- Setters/Getters dialog: the code formating after the text insertion is now configurable
- Setters/Getters dialog: updating the 'use upper case' checkbox, now updates the tree entries as well
- Setters/Getters dialog: settings are now saved to the codelite.xml file
- Fixes made to the S/G dialog to work on Linux properly
- Applied 2 patches to allow debugger to be working with 64bit gentoo
- Minor fixes for debugger
- applied patch which fixes wrong breakpoint state when dragging a disabled breakpoint
- Compiler errors / warnings can now also be marked using the old style of bookmarks. This "old" form of marking compiler errors can co-exist with the annotations
- When using the Delete All Breakpoints button with the debugger running will now pause the debugger before removing the breakpoints and then issues a continue command
- Added marker to mark the last clicked entry in the 'find in files' tab
- User can now use F8 / Ctrl-F8 to jump between match results in the 'find in files' (shortcut is configurable)
- Find in files: using the keyboard to jump between matches now also makes sure that the marked line is visible
- Added status messages
- New: New CppCheck plugin, what is CppCheck? CppCheck is "Static analysis of C/C++ code. Checks for: memory leaks, mismatching allocation-deallocation, buffer overrun, and many more. The goal is 0% false positives. See the wiki for more information."
- applied patch to compile cppcheck with gcc 4.4
- auto-restart of codelite now also calls plugins 'UnPlug()' method before it terminates codelite so plugins will be able to perform any shutdown tasks
- Removed wxFilePicker control to text control + button to avoid warnings on Linux
- gtk warning fixed
- Applied patch by Jfouche to complete missing functionality of cppcheck plugin
- Implemented 'StopAnalysis' functionlity of cppcheck plugin
- upgraded to cppcheck 1.36
- Fixed: incase codelite can not find a project to associate with the current build, it will use the default 'gnu g++' compiler for error/warning parsing
- CppCheck: the view is now cleared whenever a new check is started
- CppCheck: the 'file list' part of the view, will no long include duplicate file names
- added progress bar to the cppcheck plugin
- CppCheck: added settings dialog
- cppcheck: adjusted the settings dialog to the linux environment
- CppCheck: added excluded list to the cppcheck dialog which allows users to set list of files to be ignored during the check
- CppCheck: added new 'Skip file' button to allow skipping 'hanging' files (e.g. sqlite3.c)
- CppCheck: it now read and saves the cppcheck options from disk
- CppCheck: LINUX only, it now uses N cppcheck instacnes according to the number of CPUs on the machine
- CppCheck: exclude files list now works poperly
- CppCheck: Minor adjustments to Linux
- Subversion: svn tab is now using 'wrap' mode with wrap visualization
- Fixed: codelite startup when using the settings from 'Applications Data' is now working properly
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Re: codelite 1.0.3035 is out

Post by jfouche »


I'm pleased to annouce that a compiled version of the VersionManager plugin is now available for download.
Enjoy, and feed back is welcome of course
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