codelite is available for download

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codelite is available for download

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codelite is available for download

codelite's download page at sourceforge:
Release notes:

*** When upgrading to this version of codelite, it is *highly* recommended to delete the following files ***
*** ~/.codelite/config/codelite.xml ***
*** ~/.codelite/config/codelite.layout ***
*** ~/.codelite/config/build_settings.xml ***

Changes since version
- Fixed: BUG#2941246: disable smart-indent
- Fixed: BUG#2933717: enabling 'Enable debugger full logging' is not honored when debug sessions starts
- Implemented FR#2946420: Make makefiles CodeLite (makedir) independent: The 'makedir' command is now set in a variable $(MakeDirCommand). On Windows, by default it is set to 'makedir', on *nix it is set to 'mkdir -p'.
- Makefile Generator: When generating the makefile, the environment variables set inside codelite are placed *after* the hardwired variables. This allows user to override any of the variables by defining its own environment variable
- New: debugger now has new option: expand items in the tooltip under the cursor (configurable via the debugger settins dialog) - initial idea by dlh (user forum)
- New: Subversion2: Added new 'Link Editor' toogle button on top of the 'Subversion' toolbar. When pushed, the subversion view will mark the active editor in the tree as well (similar to the functionlity in the 'Explorer' and 'Workspace' tabs)
- Subversion2: Keep the current editor marked in the tree after a 'Refersh' (in case the 'Link Editor' is clicked)
- Fixed: generated makefile now exports the $(ProjectName) variable first as it should
- Refactoing: 'Implement parent virtual functions': the prepending of the 'virtual' keyword is now an option in the dialog. In addition, the inserted text is now trimmed to remove some extra whitespaces that it used to add
- Fixed: Subversion2: Svn revert does not use user/password
- Fixed BUG#: 2948493: Function implementation drops right side const keyword
- Fixed: BUG#2948128: code lite revision 3681 crash. This error caused due to Scintillia accepting -1 as line number when request to set an annotation text
- Implemented: FR#2943343: Macro for currently selected text ($(CurrentSelection)
- Implemented: FR#2943340: Macro for binary executable path $(ProjectOutputPath)
- Fixed: FR#:2943340: incase $(ProjectOutputFile) contains more macros expand them as well
- Fixed BUG#2952124: CodeLite Tags can not accept to have no include paths for the code-completion parser
- Fixed: BUG#2952123: Retag Workspace will freeze codelite, when bmp-files in proj
- Fixed: BUG#2957967: Crash when attempting Auto Completion
- PATCH#2957270: Added new macro available to ExternalTools: $(CurrentSelectionRange) - by kspes

- Fixed: codelite will no longer prompt the user with an error dialog when inserting a breakpoint while the debugger is running
- Unified 'open resource/open type/quick find function/quick find macro/quick find typedef/quick find class' into a single 'Open Resource' with a second 'choice' control which allows to filter the results by type. The old shortcuts 'Ctrl-Shift-R' 'Ctrl-Shift-T' etc remained - they now open the unified 'Open Resoure' dialog with different filter enabeld.
- Open Resource dialog: Added warning message when the number of results were truncated
- Open Resource dialog: error mesasge is now aligned properly
- Open resource: the file name is now kept un-modified (i.e. do not convert to lowercase, which break the operation on linux)
- Open Resource: UI changes: Changed the dialog default view to tabular view (from simple list box)
- Open resource: functions implementations are marked in BOLD while declarations are marked with normal font
- Added new "Message Pane" (firefox notification style) to display start up messages. This will fix hangs on startup on Mac / Linux when 2 or more dialog poped-up on the same time
- 'Workspace Settings' & 'Workspace Editor Preferences' are now accessible from the main menu
- Updated 'Tags Options' dialog UI layout
- 'Check For Updates' now uses the message pane to show the result of the update-check
- Navigation Bar (the two drop down on top of the editor) now have a resizeable border between them
- 'New Workspace' the 'Create' button is now the default button
- 'New Project' - default button is set to 'Create'
- codelite will now use wxAuiToolbar where possible to gain more clean look
- changed the default font size per OS (when set in the lexer file as -1, codelite will select the best size).
- Number margin default background is grey
- Updated selection color to use scintilla's default when non is provided
- Allow active pane under Mac/Linux but not under Windows (wxAUI flickers like hell under Windows with active pane enabled)
- minor color adjustments
- When markers are drawn in the content area because there is no margin for them, they are drawn translucently.
- Fold All: Dont collapse the block-guard
- UI: code-completion: the selected item in the CC box is now marked as bold (Windows ONLY) (to make it more visible for people with different colours settings)

Code Completion:
- Extended the grammar to parse typedes declared inside a function
- Fixed BUG# 2942883: If the block have a typedef code completion does not work.
- Code-Completion: Better support for typedefs defined inside function body
- Fixed: in some cases the 'retag workspace' did not pick all the include files for parsing
- Fixed BUG#2943158: code completion for typedefs defined inside a function body does not work - this should work now as expected
void Func()
typedef std::list<int> List;
List l;
l. // show now work as expected
- when selecting an option from the code-completion choice window and the selected method has function signature that accepts no arguments ( i.e. () ) codelite will no longer dismiss the function calltip if it exists.
- Better support for STL templates: the following are now working: std::pair, std::list, std::vector (including iterators) partial std::map
- improved typedef parsing
- Fixed codelite_indexer to parse return value of functions and stores them into the database. This change requires retagging of the workspace (codelite will prompt for this)
- Major changes to the parser. CodeLite now successfully parses (including iterators, nested typedefs) the STL libraries (tested: std::map, std::queue, std::list, std::vector, std::pair, std::shared_ptr, boost::shared_ptr and others ). In addition Qt's templates were tested (QMap, QHash etc) and confirmed to be working fine. Note that this is not a complete parser, and bugs may still occur
- Added cache to boost the completion code
- Fixed: BUG#2947714: code completion does not works in the catch for the parameter
- Fixed: code-completion does not work for variable defined inside a 'for' loop
- Updated code-completion preprocessor list, so now codelite also supports code-completion (with template replacements) for std::multimap
- Code-Completion: better handling for template instantiation with another template typename
- Updated CC tokens list with new tokens to improve code-completion for wxWidgets
- CC: Better handling for template of a class with operator ->
A code example:
typedef std::shared_ptr<TagEntry> TagEntryPtr;
std::vector<TagEntryPtr> v;> // Show members of TagEntry // Show members of std::shared_ptr
- Fixed: 'Add function implementation', 'Add all un-implemented functions' now create the correct signature incase a macro is included in the signature. e.g. up until now, the suggested siganture for an implementation for a function with this signature:
void foo(wxWindow* parent) on Windows,
void foo(wxWindowMSW* parent)
- Fixed: 'Implement inherited virtual function' now create the correct signature incase a macro is included in the signature. e.g. up until now, the suggested siganture for an implementation for a function with this signature:
virtual void foo(wxWindow* parent) on Windows,
virtual void foo(wxWindowMSW* parent)

- UnitTest++: updated the plugin to use the new 'Open Resource' dialog
- Gizmos: new class wizard: updated the plugin to use the new unified 'Open Resource' dialog
- Added option to the workspace local settings environment variabels page: '<Use Active Set>' when this option is set (by default it is set) - the workspace will use the active environment set as defined by the 'Environment Variabels' dialog.
- updated build configuration files (regex fixes)
- Changed the debugger configuration XML layout to be more codelite style
- CodeFormatter: if the event sent to the code-formatter plugin contains a file name, in that case the code formatter will format that fle instead of the default active editor
- Fixed crashes of codelite_indexer on Mac
- Fixed: rare memory leak in codelite_indexer
- Fixed: rare resource leak in codelite_indexer
- Mac: added MacOpenFile for the wxMac port of the codelite
- When codelite fails to load a project, it will now remove it from the workspace and will prompt the user about it
- Added new 'ScopeOptimizer' grammar. The scope optimizer helps the code completion by reomving "non visible" code portions when codelite tries to collect local variables
- ScopeOptimizer: Added new post_build commands to copy the generated code into codelite's project
- ScopeOptimizer: handle single line 'for' loop
- Added version support for serialization of classes of type 'ArchiveObject', this will provide a more flexible mechanism in the future to avoid deleting user configurations
- SymbolView plugin is now available for codelite 2.x
- added new Macro: $(WorkspaceName)
- Fixed: dont change focus back to the 'Workspace' tab when the last tab is closed. Also: Dont collapse the tree
- Mac: updated make tool to be make -f -w -> the '-w' tells the make to print the current dierectory (this is used by codeite to detect PWD)
- Mac: changed markers style. removed an extra call to Refresh() in the editor
- Mac: Fixed: Open Resource Dialog: Up/Down arrows now working properly under Mac
- Mac: Fixed: on Mac user directory now using the standard Mac user directory
- Mac: Dont print error during startup (common harmless messages like 'file exists')
- Fixed: Subversion2: adding files from the explorer tree now works
- Typos in codelite messages
- Applied patch to codelite_indexer to fix build error on FreeBSD (Uffe Jakobsen)
- Changed default warning color to something more readable
- Changed default warning / error markers from annotations into mrgin marks
- Mac: slightly improved peformance
- Fixed: tilde (~) is no longer considered a valid char for word
- Added new option to command line: '--no-plugins' when passed as command line argument, codelite will load itself without any plugins (useful when debugging codelite itself)
- Mac: Updated terminal command to be by default: OpenTerm '$(CMD)' (Auria)
- Mac: added call to 'Refresh' to make sure that all indicators are cleared when mouse is clicked inside the editor
- Ported codelite code to compile against wx2.9 (new Windows configuration added: WinDebug_29) + fixed various crashes detected during shutdown under wx2.9
- GTK / Mac: Added new option to 'IProcess' which indicates how to invoke the script codelite_kill_children. When terminating gdb session, it will now pass a -9 by default
- Added new script: codelite_xterm which allows exporting LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable into the xterm shell
- Fixed: gdb did not release the console once debug session ended
- Fixed: Debugger: incase the gdb terminates (SIGSEGV, kill -9, etc) codelite will now release the allocated console as well
- Fixed: disabled 'Transparent dock hint' style under GTK due to crash with KDE4 desktop + desktop effects (compiz) is enabled
- Improved VS import code to correctly set the project type per build configuration.
- Improved MSVC importer tool further: notification messages are now shown while solution is imported + the newly created workspace will be retagged.
- Fixed: build output: always check warning patterns *before* error pattern
- Fixed: added gcc warnings: 'In file included from...' to the warnings patterns
- Mac: upgraded to wxWidgets 2.8.11

*** When upgrading to this version of codelite, it is *highly* recommended to delete the following files ***
*** ~/.codelite/config/codelite.xml ***
*** ~/.codelite/config/codelite.layout ***
*** ~/.codelite/config/build_settings.xml ***
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Re: codelite is out!

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I'm pleased to announce that a compiled version of the VersionManager plugin is now available for download.
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Re: codelite is out!

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eranif wrote:Hi, codelite is out!
Hi !

Have you read the title of this topic very exactly? ;)

The numbers in the middle are wrong (3383->3833).
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