[BETA] wxCrafter 0.1

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[BETA] wxCrafter 0.1

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Hi all,

wxCrafter beta version is available for download.

What is wxCrafter?
wxCrafter is a RAD for plugin for codelite for quickly creating wxWidgets based application (GUI)

Is it open sourced?

Why not?
For various reason. The main one, is that I need to raise enough money for various upgrades which simply costs money.. (new Mac and Linux build machines)
From my long experience with open source projects, people don't donate (for example, codelite is available for about 6 years now, the total amount of donations it received is about 500$ - which does not even cover the domain + web hosting .. which costs me about 100$ a year)
So I have decided to offer something for a small fee - time will tell if it was wise

This version has no license nor "evaluation" period - it is a complete version of the plugin

When the BETA stage is over it will no longer be for free

The below links are only available for forum members which are part of the wxCrafter group

Quick start guide:
http://www.codelite.org/LiteEditor/WxCrafter - I will update it ASAP

Windows: How to install:
You will first need to install codelite+mingw+wx from sourceforge (v4.1)

Next, download wxCrafter installer and install it on top of the existing codelite:


Linux: Ubuntu 12.04 / 64

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