[ANN] wxCrafter 1.2 STANDALONE version

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[ANN] wxCrafter 1.2 STANDALONE version

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I am happy to announce that wxCrafter standalone 1.2 is available for download.
Note that this version is not a plugin of codelite, it was mainly developed so people could keep using wxCrafter when they have their codelite version updated from git
and ofc, it gives you the freedom to use your own IDE

You can download it from here (Windows / Ubuntu)

I will probably add more builds based on user reuqests

Changes from 1.1 to 1.2:
wxCrafter 1.2 Release Notes:
Provide a standalone version for wxCrafter

Fixed: 'HasContainerColumns' sould now work for wxDataViewCtrl with custom model

Various functions the generated model were made virtual to allow overriding them by the user

Fixed: avoid absolute paths in the wxcp project settings

wxCrafter no longer uses wxrc to generate bitmaps, instead, it uses a built-in generator

When duplicating a class, don't change user-defined names of child controls unnecessarily
Normally duplication appends further digits to a control's name, so 'foo12' becomes 'foo1234'. However, if the user has carefully renamed a child 'foo', don't append digits; but only providing the duplication is of a whole class; it won't compile if a child of a panel shares a name with one in a different panel within the class.

Menu accelerators generating \\t instead of actual TAB in the label

Added wxMediaCtrl support
Added wxGLCanvas support

Fixed: Disable wxBORDER_THEME from wxGrid preview as it seems to hang codelite in various cases
Fixed: wxgrid label alignment should be working OK now
Improved wxGrid: supports settings RowLabel / ColLabel Size + Col / Row Size. Rows/Columns are now visualized in the tree as a standalone entity

Fixed: when auto-generating window ID, don't add a number as an enumerator...
wx{AUI}ToolBar: added support for dropdown items
Implemented: https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/feat ... uests/602/ - allow custom style in the Subclass field
Fixed: https://sourceforge.net/p/codelite/bugs/881/ (copy/paste a custom control within the tree, the new custom control is added as member without instantiation)
Various minor bugs were fixed
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