Tip on Indendation Guides

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Tip on Indendation Guides

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Normally I find indentation guides distracting so I turn them off. But we've recently added some more options for them, so you can use them like this:

In Settings -> General -> Guides, enable "Show indentation guidelines" and "Highlight matched braces"

In Settings -> Syntax Highlight & Fonts -> C++, set the Indent Guide foreground and background colors equal to your normal editor background color (for me, that's white). (If you don't see "Indent Guide" in the Language Attributes list box, reload defaults.)
Also set the "Brace match" foreground and background colors to something you like.

Now indent guides are active but invisible. But with one nice exception: when you put the caret next to a brace, the indentation guide will be colored the same as the brace matching. So you will see a vertical guide between the two lines containing the braces. This is especially nice when you have a *really* long function block like a switch or for loop, where the two braces don't fit on screen at the same time.
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Re: Tip on Indendation Guides

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These settings are found at 'CodeLite -> Global Editor Preferences' on Mac OS X CL V 7.0.
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