using codelite + gcc on a thin client

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using codelite + gcc on a thin client

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I have copied CodeLite, gcc, CMake wxWidgets etc, in a combination that works brilliantly on a normal drive, to a location on a network.

On that computer the storage systems are all network shares, even though they show up as drive letters in Windows Explorer etc. (the shares are already mapped to drive letters)
But then even if I set all the paths using those drive letters and install to C:\usr\local, when I compile even the "hello world" console program, I get an error because the executable g++.exe cannot be found.

The problem lies in the fact that the compiler (or CodeLite?) has somehow found out that the drive C: is actually \\mynet\myshare and complains that "UNC paths are not supported".

Is there a way in CodeLite to trick the C++ compiler into using a network path?
Something more sophisticated than mapping a drive letter appears to be needed.


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Re: using codelite + gcc on a thin client

Post by eranif »

Have you tried manually setting the toolchain paths in settings -> build settings -> compilers ?

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