Post here any ideas/problems/suggestions you have regarding CodeLite's Subversion (SVN) plugin
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When posting a question / bug put in mind the following:

To reduce the number of iteration in the forum, always state the following:

  • Your CodeLite version

  • Is it a self compiled version of CodeLite ?

  • Your OS

  • Compiler version

PLEASE USE CODE TAGS WHEN POSTING CODE SNIPPETS / BUILD OUTPUT et al, otherwise code snippets/logs are hard to read

1) If it is a 'Debugger' related bug, make sure to also post:

  • The full debugger log - enable the 'full debugger logging' option, reproduce your problem and paste the output from the 'Debugger' view ("Output" tab) window to your post (from settings -> GDB settings -> GNU gdb debugger -> misc -> enable full debugger logging)

  • Your GDB version

2) If it is a Build problem (link error, compilation error, can't find include files, can't execute my program etc.):

  • The *full* 'Build' window output - do not paste portion of the build window output. Its better posting the entire build window output rather than what YOU think is the problem

3) Code Completion related post:

  • Make sure you have language server setup correctly. Consult with docs if needed

  • C++ code completion works after build (at least once)

  • Make sure you have a workspace (code completion requires a workspace)

  • A minimal code snippet that allows reproducing the problem

Make sure you have read the HOW TO POST thread